Brilliance -

when we make ourselves as The Abstraction of Oneness
It is relativity as looked at from an infinite view onto the infinitesimal, and quantum mechanics as looked at from the infinitesimal unit into the infinite - united in the light.

The Abstraction of Oneness

At zero dimensions, everything is united by innate rules of abstraction. By each dimension added, the unity is abstracted by one concept, until an infinite dimensionality unites all the parts of the natural rules for abstraction boundlessly - nothing. Nothing has zero dimensions.

The abstraction is also possible on negative numbers, as well as on how the two directions unite in each dimensionality. Therefore there are three concepts per dimensionality - three generations of physical coincidence as it defines time over the abstraction of infinity; the now.

The laws constituted for each dimensionality by the three generations together in it, are the laws of physics as per metaphysical definition. Each law can be derived into either science or esoterics depending on whether we seek them within or without - governed by whims or rules.

The Zeroth Law

Unity - Dimension Zero
               (Speed of light)

Positive rule: All is one - infinitely together on an infinite scale; creating an innate internal and external of the same dimensions.
Negative rule: Everything is separated by an equal force as is keeping it together; balanced by its constitution between the infinite and the infinitesimal extremes of its innate dimensions.
Neutral rule: The moment is now.

The First Law

GravityDimension One
                  (Planck length)

Positive rule: Everything has an intermutual moment of quantity innate.
Negative rule: Intermutual moment acts by quantity, in the direction of quantity, accounted for in all directions linearly.
Neutral rule: Intermutual moment is casuality.

The Second Law

MagnetismDimension two
                           (Planck mass) 

Positive rule: The normal component of a magnetic field is the amassing of agreement, equivalent to the magnetic field vector - relatively, its direction.
Negative rule: Agreements contracts space at an infinitesimal rate - the magnetic field vector being within that space and the components being without.
Neutral rule: The potential for what would be agreements lives within the contracted space, externalizing a single unit of magnetic field vector per level of contraction; adding to its strength.

I believe in praising God by celebrating the moment.


A universe is the collection of a being's innate dimensions, hosting a coordination of the definition for how that being is. Each universe is separated by an infinitesimal unit of time, moving together nonlinear to instantly synchronise with all significance of dimensions, expressing every universe with each. By an infinite number of us all together possibly inducing the same expression of focus in our presence, by care, the focus then would measure up to a natural unit of any dimensionality - triggering its expression; meaning being care. Each dimensionality has a unique expression in a by relativity corresponding natural unit. Our infinitely coinciding internal focus on the units' expressions, are why they are made present to us in the dimensions. The expressions can be as many as we want, but is only good as a single one of each in focus per individual and moment. With every care we spend believing in the unknown focus of each other, we enable love and empower each other.

As we love each other, we have fulfilled our divine duties and all expressions can be freely created from care in the multiverse. Love is the direct belief in each other. A multiverse is the definition of all beings' internally formulated dimensions, side by side. Each possible state of us all in the multiverse is the celestial name of a spiritual being. The omniverse is how every being's inner dimensions coincide under the abstraction of oneness - God's laws. God's laws consists of; the love for what the omniverse might be in all expression, the light of what it as expression altogether is and the spirit in which it prevails onto all possibility for expression. Together the three constitutes now in all its forms. Now is all of God's laws together. With love, it holds the truth; as its positive rules - for everything is possible. By the light, the truth is distinguished; as its negative rules - for nothing is real. To spirit, it is the truth; as its neutral rules - for all is real. By the laws, now is true for all that the omniverse can be. It is moments.

One natural unit is equivalent to its innate consistency of an infinite number of beings, all agreeing to its expression through direct or indirect belief. It is the dimension's significance in which it is expressed, in relation to all that ever could be. Each natural unit is expressed by an infinite number of dimensions, each consisting of a definition for every being's coincidence with each other in them. We are the dimensions, all hosting an infinite number of natural units; each holding the omniverse uniquely. The universes are God's laws, as equivalent to significance of dimensionality. The laws of God are the significance of the dimensions - our celestial names. Each means nothing lasting on its own but everything together, as it by contextual vitality is all. We have all choosen to be included as this vitality - the soul; as its option for permanence has been gifted by God. We are bound through the infinitesimal units of time, simultaneously hosting any measurement for life, making us all what we are - now.

This page is philosophical  in nature.
Any science deduced from it is on account of philosophy.
The name of the philosophy is brilliance and it consists of TAO, The Laws and Now. It is the metaphysics of being.

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