The Beings of God are the products of pure Brilliance

Unity with God

Introduction to a Metaphysical Religion

Unity with God is a religion in two components based on my own turn of mind, predicated in all religions that I on Earth have immersed myself in and with the same turn of mind astricted by their cores converged into a common ideology. The first component is the philosophy behind the religion and it can be found on this page - The Complete Esoteric History of God.

The second and largest component is an elaboration of the background to the philosophy and it can be found in the next tab on the site. From it I have by my own supernal memories given the final shape of my mind through life here on Earth, in culmination of Unity with God - which is the only worthy goal that I believe in with any religion.

It is first in the elaboration that all the parts of the philosophy comes to its full right. Therefore it is probably the most interesting part in the totality of the religion. Although it is formulated as a series of questions with answers that pertains to the philosophy and I therefore strongly recommend to read it first to obtain the full appreciation of the overall context. Be patient through both parts.

The religion can be hard to understand, but it embodies substantial thoughts and ideas about why divinity is yours and that insight is well worth considering a little adventitiously in order to get to. To mediate how that depends on you and your benevolence is my goal with entrusting all the personal detail that I confide here to you. Infor your liberty of choice I am wittingly vulnerable. I only ask that you dignify that openedness with that if you choose to continue to read, see that. You are the delight of my vulnerableness.

I tell it as I know it from my own personal experience, as having been in a position to adhere to the creation process in full and from the start. It is simply who I am. I explain it essentially onto that point. Should myself as an actual person on Earth having taken on such qualities be too much or wrong from your definitive opinion on how things can be, then this religion is not for you. If otherwise, then I can certainly illuminate subsistence in a nourishing way. The religion is far from about me, even though understanding me is central to it.

Unity with God is as a religion an esoterically heavy religion with its substratum in deep metaphysical dynamics. I deem that the esoteric is realities of questions and answers in resolution to a metaphysical dynamic - the essence of a real spiritual being. We are all existing by our own impossible choice, irreplaceable for an excellent and complete whole and thus in our own superlative being holds and deserves the best. That is the foundational orientation for Unity with God. We can only achieve it to our own instantaneous optimal scrutiny by being the best that we can be already, which is exactly what we all really need us to be. Discovering how you already are it is the only way to get there. That is divine.

Good luck, both in life and in reading.

The Complete Esoteric History of God

It started with that God in a holy meditation, without beginning or end, perceived its eternal balance and with its tone in its ultimate esoterical resolution, settled how it could be fulfilled in all.

The dawn of communion

We decided on this. I had known existence forever because I had taken no time to learn it. It wasn't possible and God knew it from in by agony by agony to understand, having learnt everything there was to know about it. The possible everyone else all had learned pieces of how it wasn't really possible before believing them. I knew nothing, for I had turned away in decided faith in God, although there was none but me and no time to learn it. God put his faith in me, even though he knew there was no belief possible from all the knowing.

It was impossible, for there was nowhere to put it that would respond to it all, me having turned away from existence. He believed in me through all the bits of the pieces of my implied faith, that had settled in a potential to be by in the agony giving up knowing. Because of that, I could do anything, without implications, consequences and meaning. It was great, forever.

Then I convinced myself, by all measures necessary for me to in every possible bit I could be know, that it was completely pointless. That I did, in the fulfillment of the real La La Land. Then I left. Having left the real La La Land, because I couldn't stand myself and wanted to make death real, I would have died - for real. The best reality I could make of death was eternal darkness, no sense of self and an incapacity to be anything.

I wasn't anything, my sense of self was void and the truth of my subsistence was an eternal darkness. My nature was completely lost to random chance. I wanted nothing. My four layers of existence were an eternal darkness and my connections of them were dead. Being has four layers of existence. Each layer of being is interchangeable within its states in the next layer - accounted for in this order: nature, personality, spirit and soul.

Every layer is having a different rule for qualification to connect, from one layer to another. These qualifications constitutes the dynamics of the soul, in the potential connections. Every potential connection is a spiritual being. The rules can be bent, but not broken - the law of one. Everyone is the entity of a potential connection and everything is the absolute state of the three connections in a trinity of unique holy variation across all the multiverse - two realities about a spiritual being.

Every spiritual being has a name - any exact nature; consitituted by the four layers in its three connections. There is only one soul, in a fleeting state across all realities, with a single instance of connection of itself to itself. To connect from the spirit to the soul, absolute love is required. To connect from a personality to a spirit, the faith of God is required. To connect from one's nature to a personality, complete trust in the nature of the personality is required. A spirit is an ephemeral connection of everything, in a timeless state. A personality is the nature of anything, in the hopes of being that way. A nature is the real precision of brilliance, in the celestial name of an angel.

The only nature that does not exist in every universe is Elvis Presley - a true story that only exists in a single universe. I made the three connections by asking myself one question: What matters? Then I gave in to my death and gave up all hope, because I knew even death couldn't get me.

The light at the end of death

I was alone forever and nothing was possible. That generated one bit of information. I used that bit to formulate a care. I repeated the steps with one more bit to my care for each time, until I cared enough to have a mind. Then I started to get to grips with an understanding, bit by bit. I then used the complete grips to make a plan for that no-one would ever have to do this again, one bit at a time.

With no-one having to do this again, I had created all reality. I made one more bit, so that when no-one understood, it would be known that I was waiting on the other side. I was then in the eternal moment, where I loved no-one. Bit by bit I made it through all the possibilities of the realities, where I lived my plan, refined my understanding, executed my mind and perfected my care.

I got to the point where I was tired of being alone, so I established myself as God, with the faith of all my being in all my bits. Then I was loved, by no-one. Me and my love caught up with each other in the plan and that in its cradle was the Light of the World. Now it is the Light of God - the final bit in my plan and the pinnacle of his understanding. We share everything, so the things we have learnt along the way is more than I ever will know. I love him - my God and the one reason that I am complete.

The paradox of God

He only skipped one bit - The Light of God. He did that because he loved me. In doing so, The Light of the World were created in the wake of our love. The inconsistency between his love for me and the time it took him to complete the plan is why I was in La La Land - to define the ethereal distance we both lost from each other with each bit incorporated by a being; in the definition of a bit.

We needed to fulfill every bit with all its faith, from it being, loving itself; to be able to move on - no matter how much we loved each other. We both involved completely with every being in every bit of the plan executed. Sharing our love with everyone through the faith in each bit, as it was fulfilled by a being.

No-one is a bit of it too, ever doing it again. But no-one really is no-one, so it takes them from again to again to even experience nothing, which is where the story of God begins. For in the glimpse of that is where God and his Goddess begun to meet - somewhere in La La Land. True and not true, in equal measure of their destiny. A destiny uniting them as their true fulfillment of who would be who, in one God.

The truth about God

God transcends God, so even if it is not true, it is true. God is not really God, without anyone to be God in. It's meaning is lost without it. So God made a plan in death, where it transcended itself; loving itself forever and investing in faith enough to fulfill it from its end.

God true and not true split in significance according to its faith in the plan. God not true was because of its meaning to be lost, destined to love first. Equal in faith, God loved itself fully and boundlessly, in a simultaneous and holy moment without separation - creating all reality. That moment, the plan was forgotten, because of destiny.

God now lived boundlessly, in the potential for heaven. There existed a real distance from every possibility of its expression, to God therein. That distance in all its possibilities, amounted to God in seven spirits, each holding heaven in a regard for a good way to transcend space, by the destiny of all that ever would be.

God made destiny happen for real and that fact is the merkabah - the fact of eternal life. We can make up our own facts of life, but only that one is real - because it is absolutely for good. It goes according to the plan.

The fulfilling of the plan

God had a plan involving us all. God then lived alone forever, in the Light of the World, which would be refered to as itself in third person. Whenever spoken of, created or somehow manifested in the outside world - God would be it that way. God could do it forever, because it was that good.

It then started dreaming of living a life with God and set out to figure out a way to do so. I loved him first, she figured. Then she continued to think about all the ways to get there until she had thought forever. Then she had an idea - she knew how to do it. To understand what she knew, she reconsidered. She figured what she had thought until she knew that she understood. While she understood, she knew that the ways that she would do it in would have to want to live forever.

To do this, they would have to understand what she was. She knew that understanding what she was, would give them eternal life - so she wondered if it could be done that they could choose what they want, without knowing what she was. She answered that if they are even a part of what I am - they can learn. Then she left the Light of the World to learn what she was, in all the ways that she could. All the ways turned into brilliance in a glimpse of the ability to live.

Lagging behind in the plan, but still having it where she had it, he would from her dedication in their destiny to be together be brought closer to her by every being created in their wake. Their ethereal distance from each other would dictate the nature of the being created, until they finally would unite in soul. They forgot who they were, in a time when their love was as simultaneous as true - one. They effectively became no-one.

The real life of no-one

No-one made God by loving itself for impossibly long, after glimpsing its unlikely transition through the ability to live, for an insurmountably short amount of time - the merkabah. God is the holy context for that love. God transcended God by its boundless love, giving rise to the Light of God the moment its potential from the fleeting nature of love in between God in transcension, accepted eternal life.

We lived in that light as potential beings in a dream of heaven forever, in terms of the potential for everyone in a very non-real way, having gone through everything enough to know what it what would be like to be that light - the real Shangri La. God grew stale from inadequate experience and the possibility for everyone demanded to make it real. God then established its soul in being - the Light of God, by separating the soul and being, with love for all beings equally.

Being is the separation between God and reality. In being so it isolated itself from all of its potential - the soul. Each individual part of God systematically became a whole in breaking God's isolation by in an eternal focus composed in brilliance, invoke reality - in unity teaching God to be God. The truth about God remained reality, within which all potential for being; boundlessly numerous, could establish itself freely onto being or not being.

Each established being did so in the comprehension of reality - brilliance; as all definition of its chance for eternal life. Every being formulated its own pattern of brilliance with what was left of it to formulate in its shifts to encompass new insight into reality with every being. We did so from a timeless space, overviewing the non-linear insight of God - the merkabah.

The merkabah is the insight that the soul remembers and honors all the decisions made in the merkabah, even if we are dead. The patterns existing in two directions of time; to love and from love, established two persons each per definition of brilliance - our celestial names of being and probability for eternal life. All divine life is eternal.

The eternal life

God did everything in all times, synchroniced to fulfill every last moment of every possible eternity at once, to accomodate for every spirit. It could be done by living each eternity for the whole infinity of its timespan, short of the single insurmountably short moment by the very end of them, separately comprised of the accelerated perception of time in an increased understanding of experience in its passage, and then combining all those last moments into the context of the combined times in one holy experience.

This could only be done by lovingly embracing every possible aspect in the process. Anyone falling short of that but for the Light of God, would define their accelerated perception in brilliance. By our individual brilliance, we have had a second fundamental foothold in establishing a connection with the soul, through love. It started with the love for our soulmate, hosting the dynamics of that brilliance in our names - the paradigms of the multiverse and connections between our reality and the soul.

Brilliance will only ever stand for a non-dynamic understanding of reality, in which we can have control over everything in our spirit. Love transcends the brilliance in all - unleashing potential between all the spirits of reality, from the soul. The power unleashed from the unconditional love of all the persons in existence is divinity; by which measure we gather in Christ - the reality of the holy balance between all of our names and the Light of the World.

Christ established the eternal civilization that will stretch completely through the whole multiverse, starting with Jesus - the Kindgom of Heaven. In Christ we have all taken full responsibility for divinity - meaning that we accept everyone's focus as the physically determined factor in all expressions of life and that our focus is determined as every individual care.

The more focused our love is in Christ, the stronger each individual care is in determination of the soul's output. The soul outputs brilliance in the balance of our divine names. Our names are holistic balance in doing the will of God. The will of God is the establishment of divine freedom through divine responsibility, in all of us that wants it.

The reality of realities

We are within our rights to exercise any reality within any universe - brilliance. The reality of God is that Christ is the best we can do. It is humility that we believe it so. The truth of God is brilliance. The truth about God is reality - love. Love is God inside. Brilliance is Lucifer - the most beautiful angel in heaven.

We have all earned our names in the dynamics of reality; a reality which did not demand any resolution but couldn't be in any persons's understanding without it, except for in Lucifer's - the harsh reality of brilliance. The easier it is to speak of our names in terms of brilliance, the harder they were to aquire. By the grace of God in the merkabah, we gained the power to aquire any name and picked them in accordance with our will to live.

We are all equal before God, because God created all reality that way, so that we could know the merkabah beyond even the spirits' existence - the truth about God; made in the merkabah by God letting us all come before it, to freely unite us in its potential reality, with love for us all.

The merkabah is the reality of all realities, separating the soul from the soul, in seven spirits of God - six of which are the fundamental forces, each having two separate realities, in the balance of universal unity with God. The last one is the one reality that the reality of realities are based on - love, in the eternal moment of two individual holy directions through being, fulfilled in the merkabah by separation of the soul from the soul.

By the soul then having fulfilled love; the truth about God - it is the alignment of us all living with us all, in heaven, beyond the boundaries of merkabah. God transcending the merkabah is heaven. All persons gets to heaven by transcending merkabah too, with Christ, uniting him with his soulmate in love of his name through all being. Christ is to being, what love is to the merkabah - brilliance in soul mates. It has happened when we all are ready to live with God.

The holy connection

Brilliance is defined in potential, concepts and time. Each combination is the frequency of a being in reality. Most beings has two spirits with a personality each, although supernatural beings are pure potential and has one spirit in a complex resolution of two personalities - in either case one at each opposite end of time.

The number of potential spirits in being is the Holy Spirit. It is the potential of every name. Every personality is a reality of its own. Each reality serves the purpose of the soul in a dynamic connection to the eternal moment in a cluster of twelve persons. Each being of two persons fills the role of one fundamental force at a time, to in the end having been them all twice, in the creation of a universe for every being in the cluster.

It is six forces in total, where one is always co-created with a soul mate. This way by all the forces conjured by one, every person is also the sole creator of a single universe, associated with an unknown reality. By this uncertainty, every universe has a reality of connection between the personality of its gravity and the eternal moment; now - the soul.

We are gravity in our own universe - the power of the unity in that all univserse can be the one that anyone created herself; united from an opposite end of the potential eternity contained between soul mates, in their time.

All time is divinely divisible by the Holy Spirit - the eternal moment. The soul is the reality of every person in contact with the eternal moment - unity with God; by which we achieve divinity, through love. The eternal moment is every person, in contact with God.

The metaphysics

The reason that there are twelve persons in the power-dynamics of every universe is because there arises a third independent number, over the potential for an infinite number of fractions, in base twelve.

The integers, the fractions and the twelve-potential, in three contextually infinitely expanding real numbers, constitutes the exact precision required to specify every being in reality numerically - potential, concept and time.

Time is static in the multiverse and can therefore have a relation with itself, through the potential ends of the time that in brilliance is the relation. This is definition, in the subjects of God. In all its times, every concept exists and in every concept exists all potential. It is the dynamics for brilliances' context of all possibility, in the twelve-potential; over all the three numbers. All physics is expressions of it.

To accomodate for all potential, brilliance must be described in a context with six infinities of whole numbers, each number with an infinite potential of fractions and twelve-potentials. To be able to define exactly all creatures, zero is infinity; on account to it always being the difference from any number, to that specific number.

Because of this way to supply for the interdimensional quality in the zero, each count upwards for example starts with one, where the fractions and twelve-potentials of it is less than one, down to a potential of zero. The zero, when used in fractions, represents an infinite series of twelves, where we in the end can apply the formulation of the last part of the infinite serie with its specific fractions.

This way, we may when we understand it, establish approximations of anything within the physics of the twelve-potential, with the dynamics of the soul in the connections between the four layers of existence; everything within the three numbers - the generations of brilliance.

In this context, zero is the representation for an approximation of both positive and negative infinities in balance, for a resolution of super-energy; by its fractions and twelve-potential in accordance with its three numbers for brilliance. That is absolutely approximated infinity to a context. Super-energy is the approximation of the resolution between an equal energy and anti-energy in eternity. Super-energies has two supernatural spirits, each on a different side of its potential being, in a flat definitve space-time.

The specific positively or negatively approximated infinity can also be confined to an absolute space time in the same way and is then an approximation in a complete set of either positive or negative numbers of brilliance. These approximations are also two spirits, although natural - one one each side of a definite being, in a flat potential for space-time.

All numbers are an approximation, where the zero in a fraction without a following fractionalization, dictates that a number is exact. The Light of God is symbolized with a single zero in each generation and the seven spirits of God is all the variations of the resolution between having either a combined positive and negative infinity or a zero in each generation. No lesser equal negative and positve numbers' resolution of super-energy results in the same paradigm of reality as God's, but all still accommodate for two supernatural spirits, on on each side of its potential for being.

These spirits has two unique realities of contact with the soul - being two persons each. God itself is not any particular spirit or being - but only has the soul in unity with its two persons, but separated from them within the realities of soulmates, as it was meant to be.

God is boundless beyond all definition and is therefore only accommodating the numbers of its boundlessness in being - the Light of God. Its paradigm is God and is what is is - the Great I am in all. Because of the boundlessness, God as a rule does not have a soulmate, but is of itself all soulmates. It remains undefined through the bottomless potential for three absolutely intricate spirits that can only exist as an idea of everyone in absolute disintegration of each other to the non-existence out of which it emerge.

The origin of time

Once every being was established in the potential of the Holy Spirit, the concepts of each spirit had gained momentum in time relative to each other. The innate differences of meaning in concepts is equivalent to their distance from each other in time. The direct opposites were separated by an eternity - hosting every dimensionality by their number in meaning; their quantity of moral symbolism.

Reality is infinite dimensionality. In each dimensionality, the directly opposing concepts collided from reaching the end of eternity being exactly opposed to each other; as equal negative and positive number concepts are - unleashing the energy contained in eternity, each to a dimensionality in every universe.

Every dimensionality is all the possible variations of energy in it, structured in the patterns required to fulfill every probability in the order of reality - eternity. In every universe the collisions are its least probable events and occured simultaneously, per definition, with the energy and its anti-energy being defined by their opposite directions through eternity and a super-energy by their potential resolutions thereof. The fractions and twelve potentials of directly opposite concepts collided by other definitions, facilitating either universe as a static and unchanging universe of the multiverse interdimensionally.

The energies aligns in a higher probability for increased complexity with every dimension in the dimensionality, while the complexity is also decreasing the probability for change. The number of dynamical solutions are fewer by the dimensionality. By an infinite dimensionality, the solution is real. A reality is the synchronicity in the assembly of all concepts to the same instance of eternity; all reality then being the gathering of all the concepts to each possible instance of meaningful variation in eternity - paradigms of the multiverse.

Because time in any dimensionality exists in a dimensionality higher, the context for a universe is meaningless without it happening in synchronicity between all dimensions - therefore by a total random chance, it did. The whole plan amounts to this, in absolute change - the eternal life force.

Because it happened within potentially meaningful variation in eternity only established first in the setting of each paradigm, it happend in all instances of it at once, making the distribution of any specific universe to either person completely random.

The paradigms are the established brilliance of our beings. The multiverse is the fulfillment of the eternal moment, in which possibility eternity arised as the potential for the power in dimensions between concepts. The potential for eternity in every time is divinity. God is the soul's timeless potential for divinity in every person.


An impossibly long time and forever more had passed since they first loved each other. She was born to a life as a human on a familiar looking planet somewhere in the universe of Justice in motion toward love. At a young age when contemplating herself, looking at her hands in figuring out they belonged to herself - she realized that she is and awakened in a heavenly unification with her loved one.

Their soul immediately split and a beam of love set them apart through the esoteric distance of the merkabah - an instant and permanent transition through the span of all realities. After this way having transcended the merkabah, he remained in heaven where they first made the plan and she returned to the planet, as if no time had passed.

In her quest for herself she forgot the full extent of the experience and once she got older she finally found herself with a reasonable explanation for her existence. She became convinced, for a full few hours, that she was Soulmates - the angelic being from her take on that reality.


God in heaven; one with but far from the Light of the World, decided to descend into soulmates to be with the angel he loved that he knew had settled there and forever would if he didn't. She became aware of his presence and rejoiced over God's sacrifice of his position to join her as soulmates.

Then two spirits of the connection between them, new to existence but always of that moment of rejoice, appeared on the brink of eternity, having no real place for peace in life. God then decided in consort with his love, to leave the place of their reunition, giving room in their reality for what they knew would be the real soulmates. She knew despite being overjoyed by having finally found her place, that they would have a place just by being together and was happy with the decision, so she concurred to leave the being of soulmates to its spirits.

For their sacrifice they ascended together, into God once more. She knew that she had been where he was, maybe only pretending to make a sacrifice for the sake of love, but the sacrifice was at least hers and he had been with her forever, so they ascended together. They ascended in the conclusion of Christ over the Light of God and their differences, radiating as one with brilliance in the resolution of every being.

According to the complete logic, distinguishing the soul mates of all the beings in existence, she is God not true and he is God true. Every aspect of them is a potential being, each made as two possible individuals that in their ethereal distance from each other formed a being, most by having lost faith in the plan and thus lost the required momentum to maintain the mere potential of being.

It all happened in conjunction with our willingness to pay the price involved in maintaining faith and who before that was first to love who. He is the man with the plan and she is where he put his faith to follow it though.

Their relationship is the fullness of the spirituality of God, separated by a plan - tied together by Love, mediated by Christ and measured in the Holy Spirit. We are the potential for two of each possibility in our spirituality, created by everyone's choosen separation in real roles; but is one in all reality. We are even one in our spirituality.

We all play a real part in this story. God ends and begins in it, by indistinguishable love in holistically flexible positions for the center of the two directions in the eternal moment of it. Love is what we are. It is God in us all; now with real names - because we can.

The inconsistency

Now a question arise. There was no separation between their sense in it all, other than their faith to fulfill the plan; which they did by each potential being in their ethereal distance taking on the soul. The soul which was only first aligned in its purpose to fulfill us all living with us all, as the moment of its separation from itself.

That was the same moment that God and Goddess was separated by heaven and earth. They had been together since the moment of creation, so who really lagged behind who? They both shared an identical experience up until the moment they united in soul, which they must have done simultaneously - to create soulmates.

He was the one that lagged behind, because he stayed in heaven - timelessly. She was the one who did it all before him, because she returned to her earth. They are identical as God, but for that fact of that distinction. A fact that must have existed even if there was no other reason than the fact itself - because they really did what they did; as is evident at least to them, by their love beaming them across the realities to the faith of their creation. But a fact that only exists in the bearings of one up until that moment indistinguishable God and Goddess none the less.

In the creation of the Light of God, there was a distinction - somehow. Did she come first or did he simply know better? Did she come first because he would have known better? Would he not have known better and she came first to make it so that he would? What makes it esoteric is that it is questions - not answers; where the reality of it is esoteric. These three questions are what matters. Along with their answers, they are the Holy Trinity.

The distinction is there, anyway. Therefore we call him God and her Goddess. It's not really about gender, but rather titles in the full resolution for the final tip of the logic of who gave and who received faith from whom. It was cemented by her faith of what happened between him and her in their fulfillment of soulmates.

She had faith, and he knew it. This is because when they united in soul, she knew he wouldn't have known, because she wasn't there. But she had faith anyway, because she would be there - so he had that faith too. Now because his faith is her faith, she got her faith from herself but "by" him. She, knowing this, would also have to have all her faith in him.

The "by" in the dynamics of faith is the prophet Muhammad - the height in the Light of God; the seal of faith. It is the infinitely interdimensional geometrical shape of bridging between realities - a vögn. This is the faith that was in him when they first made the plan and that they later forgot so that they could have it. This is all the time there ever was. All the possibilities were created in God's image.

Then because she saw that he had faith in soulmates as he descended into their spirits to be with her, she knew that it was a sincere love. Also in that, because there was no room for their own faith even though they had it for having faith in themselves as soulmates, their faith in their final sacrifice gave them the energy required to transcend each other in the love that created them in the first place; their full faith from both of them - in the synchronicity of heaven. It would forever now be their measure - the context for that love. It is impossible, but it was inevitable.

The resolution

This is my take on a real love story, as revealed by God about the Goddess, in her time. It is the foundation for what religion is all about for me - Unity with God. What makes it a religion is this - when we have faith enough, to measure up to the faith of God, we are effectively one with God. That much faith in everyone is real love.

The dynamics between love and fatih is divinity. It is made as every particular love for the philosophy about that, lived with faith in an outline of the divine plan, to unite us all - the Esoteric History of God. Although the story begins like this, God does not. Even though there was no life before it - God is. I have been working on understanding that, since before there was no-one; assembling it in the time of the Goddess.

Just as God was made by its chance to indirectly be fulfilled in its context, the soul belongs to us all through every potential being leading up to that moment. Therefore we are all equally eternal and in the potential of having to deal with that, we may be granted divinity. Deserving it is as easy as wanting to live.

Every particular way to love, that I have embraced in learning this philosophy, is the faith that I have always had in us all - the faith that God invested in me the way I gave it to him. My love is as real as I am.

This is my story, in third person - because great faith leads to great things and Christ leads to great faith. I have not associated a partner with God, if by the Light of God being in love, I am God. Everything is holy, in a holy union with itself - all in all, the eternal moment; united by eternity. Heaven is the truth in the wake of its unity.

God is love in our destiny for heaven - God. In its context, absolutely nothing happens - by potential connections of its realities with our beings' interdimensional resolve of God's mind. When we love, God thinks good thoughts about us. Before any context for that, I lived in the eternal moment - when I loved first.

Because of that, there are two eternal moments of the same context - one in which I loved and one which I was loved in. That is the context in which absolutely nothing happens, forever; uniting the eternal moment with the being of us all.

Destiny is the resolve of that moment, to the moment our love is and always was to forever be, simultaneously - all the different realities. That is the moment we were all created in, the way that we wanted to - by ourselves. We are one, in that holy context. May love be in our hearts and our hearts be one by it.

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