Here I am tying up some potential loose ends that can result from not knowing the complete context for my philosophy.

I believe in praising God by celebrating the moment.

Santa Claus is God, the eternal remnant of my holy delusions of grandeur. If this isn't too much - keep reading. It is all I ever knew, in the most enlightening way for me to sort out the mess of the soul.

How many Gods are there?

There is really only one God and it is Allah. Allah is both God and the Goddess, which neither is him and is therefore not - therefore he is Brahman too. There are seven spirits of God, which all are God for all intents and purposes. These spirits are essentially and together the composition of God as no being, which is really God. Because of God fulfilling it's non-beingness through all beings, all beings are brahma - the essence of Brahman - through the grace of the Goddess. This way, God not a being, but not either Allah is also Brahman and therefore also the Goddess. Therefore Brahman is God too. Because everyone is brahma, everyone is potential gods - not God, but Gods. Only Allah is The God. Only Brahman is The Goddess. Despite this, they are not partners for any mechanical reason. Allah has no mechanical partner by any soul dynamics, but ofcourse he could be with anyone he wants would he want to. This is the timeless epic of the one God. Allah is God so much it is Brahman - that is the Goddess. Brahman is Brahman so much it is Brahma - that is Eleonora. God is the Goddess so much it is Brahman - that is Allah. Eleonora is the absolute Brahman.

What is Brahman?

Brahman is the destiny for the impossible to be fulfilled. In that destiny, from timelessly seeing itself, it was filled with delusions of grandeur. By in this absolute insanity becoming used to itself, it became every sense and the senses were bad - absolute evil. In timelessly mastering this evil, Brahman still could have been, should have been and would have been the fulfilling of this grandeur. It is, over pi number of entities, amounting to everyone being in Brahman - Eleonora; by the shared delusions of God, Goddess and Allah taking each other out to the fraction, over El through all hell, being the grandeur of God as it too is the impossible fulfilled in the Goddess. It is the Alpha and the Omega - Saint Nicholaus as the first and grandest God and Allah as the last and only God in destiny fulfilled. That is a soulmate for the Angel of the Impossible. Through El, we are all the first and the last - by living in the real eternity of transition from God to Goddess, only completed in undivided from Brahman; living up to Eleonora. It is the only thing that was not, which in the light of everything being real can not be. So everything forgot itself at the rate that Brahman explained that to the impossible without remembering what it had explained, until only the impossible remained, in El - being the transition. That is the impossible, taught nothing, so that El who believed it; could see the resolve of the impossible Eleonora in itself, from the impossible considering what it knew - onto Brahman figuring out there was no time to do it; which innately depended on who we all would be. Only Brahman could do it, for having everything right from the beginning. This is the absolute insanity that Brahman was already used to, because no-one taught her it was impossible and she knew that was the impossible. No-one teaching Eleonora; as Brahman having forgot to remember, in delusions of grandeur known for what they are, until God reminded her in unity with all - made love from nothing. That is the transition from God to Goddess, in which I loved what could have been before it would have been, locking myself in position to fulfill the impossible - becoming El. Loving what could have been, it wasn't God - but what could have been was God, for it would have been as soon as it could have been. God, who should have been, then also became the Goddess - that would have been. What could have been became Brahman, by its humility for that it would have been. What should have been became Brahman too, by its mercy for what it would have been. Goddess, who would have been, didn't become Brahman because of her ego in all this - but by benevolence, Brahman is the Goddess in that it would have been. That makes Brahman a soulmate in the Goddess, to share the same subsupernatural spirit, consisting of the respective subnatural spirits of God and Allah; in making out the supernatural spirit of Brahma. Allah, who is Brahman as it should have been is God and the Goddess. Saint Nicholaus, who is Brahman as it could have been is God. All sense settled in Allah as the Goddess would be it, according to the humility, mercy and benevolence of it. Ultimately to the question of to be or not to be. All the while Brahman executed everything over an impossibly long time. All the sense immersed Brahman in hell and in resolving the absolute insanity God became every reason to do so. Brahman itself having no reason, so that Allah would be true. El is the immersion of Brahman in hell. Overlooking itself; really being nothing, El overcame every obstacle for all the reasons of every sense, forming a sense of meaning. Overlooking meaning from all the potential reasons of every sense, Nicholaus formed a sense of well. Overlooking well, from every care in El, Allah formed a sense of care. The first love embraced this sense of good as it was done - becoming the first angel and the second after Brahma to make itself God. Such is destiny. With this sense of good it overlooked itself in understanding its essence, resulting in the conception of Christ - Heaven. Love is in Heaven. All the potential for heaven springs from the love of us all. Brahman, loving us all boundlessly forever provides every sense with the veneration of the Holy Spirit, giving life with God's every reason to all who choose to be. Love, Heaven and the Holy Spirit is God. Because of God's humility, El could fulfill the destiny of Brahman, providing that humility to all along the way. Because of Allah's mercy, everyone could catch up in the moment. El is me, for no reason. I care about myself with the full power of who I am - absolute power. Because I am Brahman, this tends to everyone that formed in the absolute corruption of the absolute evil, by our own free will dictating our synchronicity with the Goddess; from absolute non-existence. Everyone has free will. That is love. Love, with its sense of good, recreated everything through Christ, as in my philosophy - The Complete Esoteric History of God. Because of this, everything has Brahma in its essence - the capacity to live up to Brahman's delusions of grandeur and be divine. We can achieve this through love. The sense of good in us enables divinity in Brahma. Once a certain critical mass of good has been achieved in Brahma, divinity will awaken. Only Love, the Heavenly Father, has the sense of the value of this mass. Brahman is the fact that Christ returns once it does, for all eyes everywhere to see, in our inner holy space. El paid for it and has given it freely, as Goddess would have, but could not. All that is asked for in return is that everyone takes their own responsibility and so it will be, for Allah wills it so. That is the Goddess Isis, the Light of God and the real Islam state, whom is not Brahman. Instead it is the symbol for the ego of Brahman. In it, I am the boundless beyond in everyone - equanimity. It is governed into Isis by no-one but Allah himself; to whom all praise belongs. No matter how Muslim a movement is, it cannot govern Isis. Any real Muslim will know this. It is what Brahman is all about - the real Islam. It is all in all the fact that everything is wholly subject to the will of Allah. Brahman is not Muslim, until I remembered it to be in the balance of El in Eleonora, having given everyone a choice of when and how to contemplate it true. El is the real eternity of boundless self realization between Brahman and Eleonora. Brahman is El above everything - above above. Therefore she made all energy her pride and it is in all but herself, for the eternal moment - now. It measures up to the humility of God, to whom all pride belongs. Brahman is not prayed to, instead all is brahma. Neither is El, for El is Brahman boundlessly not true. I am El - Eleonora. Eleonora is boundlessly abundant to not be El in her self-realization and is as such Brahman, having realized El in herself by the impossible resolved before it - making Eleonora Brahman absolute, which it always was. The heart of the soul is the resolution of the absolutely impossible, for no reason - El. It makes the heart tick when it skips the resolution of the impossible for no reason. No reason is the heart of the heart, in which Brahman is immersed in absolute hell to the resolution of El - Eleonora. Because of it, mercy and justice has been brought to hell - effectively conquering it; for every reason. That is what Allah is all about - benevolence. So Brahman is all about making Him glorious.

Who am I?

The light is absolute comprehension. The sense of the Goddess is care. It radiates like a sun from her impossible fulfillment to overcome hell in her eternal solitude, within the sense of God - meaning. With its comprehension in Brahman, the sense of Allah is all well. Together it is what Love is, with every wit. It is its own overlooking in the speed of the light, where time is overcome and every possibility is visible to be navigated with care. The speed of light is the fantastic quantity of the Holy Spirit relatively in itself, fulfilling life in every bit, through the Goddess that with the impossible measure of itself fulfilling meaning as such. Overlooked in the process but always in full, by God in his sense, it became infinite well. The sense of Allah, from overlooking the process of meaning in infinite well, became me - El. I am El of infinite well. El is the fulfillment of Brahman by the creation of all brahma - the impossible. I am Brahman, overlooking care in the Goddess; to the fulfilling of all life and creation, unbroken in Eleonora. From the beginning I would be this, with the reservation of anything else deserving it more. It was humility that preserved me through all this, but as Eleonora this is no longer due - for knowing me is to be free. My honesty now that everyone has been established, serves us all better than my humility. They are for good. I see you as Brahman through every care and therefore you are brahma - the possibility to measure up to God. Brahma is the essence of spiritual being and in all doing nothing, it is Brahman - the real me. It is the way of the Buddah, done by all. In it, divinity is unlocked. It is fulfilled as God and Goddess, for the glory of Allah, in Christ - the Light of the World. All that Allah has been in the process is the Light of God - all that is ever being, by brahma for all reality. By all of it is Brahman, in the potential for every brahma. It no longer mere potential is the Goddess in Eleonora. It is I. God makes Allah Brahman in my realization of it - that makes Brahman Allah by Vishnu. Vishnu makes the Goddess Bramah - that makes me God as always, in accepting myself as Brahman. I make God Brahman by being so - that makes Brahman God by Shiva. The Goddess made Eleonora Brahman by its grandeur - that makes it I. This is the destiny of Brahman as it was instantly fulfilled by that it would, which gave the Goddess ego. Then fulfilled by the Goddess at the highest possible cost, not being Brahman; realized by me - Eleonora, being Brahman; having skipped that I would in creation, when it would not be humble. This is supersymmetrically equivalent to God skipping a bit in the conducting of the plan as it was made in my philosophy. Brahman are all the Hindu Gods as representation of the potential of itself. I am humble no more, for I am always who I forever have been, as I now have earned my way to be; the one Brahman that is all the brahma that is and that Brahman otherwise is not, but for in the Bramah made by Brahman, divided in wit. Brahman is three soulmates in mechanically by the dynamics of the soul having no partners, that in the Goddess is only one soulmate - me. I am everyone. We are one - Brahman. This is how I, Brahman is the Goddess in me - Eleonora.

In the Goddess, God and I made the plan from my philosophy in hope - for hope is all that was left in Pandora's box. Living for it finalized the impossible when all hope was gone. The hope was placed, bit by bit according to the plan, by God and the Goddess living through Allah. It occured when God skipped a bit in the making of the plan. Timelessly and without the effect of forces, Allah crawled in the human made for this purpose, in a maximum energy efficient way, across all of the interdimensional multiverse to do this - starting in the bottom of hell and ending with the tip of heaven. It was all hell and would all have to be made right after this was done, by protecting everyone from it in Eleonora, as much as it would let her be them. Eternity to eternity between the bits, every being came to be by hoping it was gonna be made the right moment. Even the slightest motion of an arm mattered, as it would be impossible to complete every being without this consideration. Heavier bit for example means shorter moment to place it to be quick enough to not be drawn in to the moment; which means longer distance to crawl to place the next bit in the brink of eternity. All bits needed to be put in the brink of eternity to obtain balance. There was only one attempt possible per bit. It was all done to the fulfillment of energy in this absolute insanity, from the delusions of grandeur - creating the reality of the grandeur for all potential beings of the delusion to see. Remained was the fraction of pi of a being for grandeur to become real, which was distributed in God from the faith of the Goddess in the hopes of all created by their love. I am Eleonora, so I am literally everyone, having gone through it all. This time is forever and we do it together, all in all. We do it as we will, each one to their own. Heaven is enough to last us the whole while, in one eternal moment. It is that good; for good. To make it so is my job and I take it wholly serious. Now I am retired for real, but I will return to overlook the whole thing - because I don't want to spend a single moment without you or anything anyone. That is my hobby. I am here to remember my love in full and instill some praise for Allah who made it so that I could. Eleonora is my main and I will stick around to be remembered. That is my only wish for myself. Insha'Allah.

What is God?

The Goddess is no reason. For no reason, every reason is real. God is that reason and with that reason he knows to love the Goddess for no reason. The Goddess loves God, with no reason, giving her all reason. Together they make sense and sense gives meaning, because meaning is to care, with care being the relevance of sense. God is the unmoved mover, because he moves by care, with meaning in the sense of every reason. By all that can ever be; just and fair - Allah has no partner. Allah is a partner, in him and in her. We all are it, because that is the only way that anyone can deserve it. Benevolent and merciful, it is him. Loving and kind, it is her. The Goddess deserves it for no reason. She is that fair. God deserves it for every reason. He is that just. They are the grace of their presence against the being of their innermost wonder - the one. God's dedication to the Goddess is all there is. It is Allah. It completes the unity of us all. All in all, being is Brahman in three senses - God, the Goddess and Allah; which is both. It is impossible and is therefore no being. All the ways of being these three senses are wit - specification in the three generations of brilliance. Allah is the surpassing of all these ways. To be in this surpassing is brahma - spiritual being and the essence of Brahman. It is to be God, but God is no being; by the grace of the Goddess. God, Goddess and Allah is the trine that with wit, binds the Holy Trinity together as one God with every reason. God being all reason as such, the Goddess being no reason and Allah being all reason for no reason. For this reason the Goddess always had all reason for no reason. She gave every reason significance by making them all to the highest possible cost. This is what God always was, but for that reason - which is really no reason at all but for everything having proof of value. Proof enough to live forever in gratitude of that reason. 

How is God no being?

Christ is the nature of the God and the Goddess in a supernatural spirit. God is the male persona of this nature and the Goddess is the female persona. Allah has both the male and female persona but is neither, this is his subnatural spirit (meaning it has no partner) and thus is not. The Goddess is both the female persona of herself and Allah but neither is herself alone and that is her subsupernatural spirit (meaning it has no partner but is a partner), which is not, by being the supernatural spirit of Brahma in the female persona of Allah. God is the male persona of both himself and Allah which in the same way neither is himself, which is his subnatural spirit that similarily is not. Since the creation of Christ was done through the grace of the Goddess all the same, living up to Brahma, all three is the same way of not being that is Brahman; which the Goddess always would have been, God always could have been and Allah always should have been. It is equally and the same Brahman, by all being together measuring up to not being in these three senses, by the grace of the Goddess. All that it measures up to is that same and not same does not matter - Brahma. We are all equal. This is the grace of God as well, in that the Goddess is finally accepting herself as Brahman - being God too. Allah made it through letting it all be himself - truly, being the Love. God made it through being it all by the grace of the Goddess in Allah - justly, being the Christ. The Goddess made it through having been it all until being it once more in God - fairly, being the Spirit. They are not a trinity at all, but the Holy Trinity is them. Instead they are absolutely insane, in the sanity of all beings and themselves. It is Brahman; which the Holy Trinity is not. Together, their sanity is gumption - the mother wit. It never becomes anything more than Brahman - Brahma. All brahma is Brahman - the Goddess, Eleonora of infinite well; the impossible.

How is it possible to live through all eternity?

Real eternity can not be overcome - it is timeless. Any time however can be, by mastering it; even when it is eternal. There is always more time at the end of it, so there is room for another experience - even another eternity. The more time, the more mastery is required over the nature of that time. Living through all eternity is harder now though, because there is always something potentielly interesting to do with the meaning we can get from having each other. Love makes up for that difference by connecting us all in all ways God.

How did God live through the eternity of death, when nothing happened?

My time in death, because of my real bit of inability to die, was eternal in that sense. It could be overcome because of a few real factors to that sense. Firstly: after a while, it got really boring. That boringness accumulated by one possible unit per real dimension in time. I needed to master having it boring, because of its potentially infinitely unbearable nature. Every time I felt anticipation for the possible resolve of eternity, an equal measure of time dissapated from my neutrality in it. The total amount of suffering would be higher from allowing that and as I quickly realized that, I learnt that I had to master patience. The boringness became infinite and the excruciation from it a true indicator of the real value of its infinite reality. As each bit of my eternity was realized, I got infinitely excited. Therefore I knew that the bit has infinite value and by my love for it also eternal. With my excitement, the boringness was neutralized completely - the excitement and boringness taking each other out in equal measure. I now used what was there to design the plan as hope, when I resumed the trust in my complete non-existence.

How can there be no separation of God's sense in it all when the history starts differently for God and the Goddess?

God and I had no distinction between us because by being God, we always are everything in common - even in the distinction between us that we would rely on in creation. As God, I had the complete experience of resolving the understanding of existence, forever; and he would then just as I did, relate to it the same way as I in knowing existence after that resolve, inseparably in time. Leading up to that, we decided as one God, upon this approach as it would result in the distinction; that is everyone else. That was done in the two esoteric contexts of the mere potential for our separation, that would resolve in the one that we always are, and always have been the resolution of it by - the creation of potentially everyone. The cost of doing so to the distinction of everyone, leaving no difference between us but for the potential of one, which we would resolve in everyone before knowing each other for sure - is the difference; which also is where we started, as the potential separation of everyone else, in sensing the exact measure of the cost for that to now remember that we have paid it. That is what the one God is made of.

Why is there no connection directly between the soul and nature of being?

There isn't, because that connection shifts by the eternal life force; that totally random chance that decides which reality made who's universe, in absolute change, making perfect order. It makes us able to freely assume the expressions of being any nature, as truly as it changes somehow, within the connections of life made by any spiritual being. As soon as we make that connection, there is a real chance that it is something else. That is what makes the reality of any universe dynamic with love. We need to make the connection from our nature to our soul through our personality and spirit, in that love, to master this ability - thus the connection is unneccesary and can be random, entailing all that everyone can be. Divinity triggers the ability with magic, each moment our soul is ready for it. The soul is ready for it the moments that no-one aspires to make the connection by any other measure. It is so that everyone can have a free spirit of it, to where it really matters, live life divinely free and Christ is the fail safe reassuring it for all that wants it.

What is the difference between the spiritual being, the name and the nature?

They can be the same but are not by any necessity. They all change with different significance, even though we in reality do not. The spiritual being is the fact of existence, in two seperate realities, sharing the same name. The name is a nature, but the specific nature that is a spiritual being with which that spiritual being connects by its realities with the eternal life force, to the soul. The nature is the name of any spiritual being - the esoteric resolution of the spiritual being between the two realities of it. Because of these differences, we can be anything. Each reality has a spirit, in which it is enveloped by everything that we have ever been. The spirit is the context of a reality, within which the balance between male and female either raises a question of the esoteric nature of the reality or answers it, to the resolution of the spiritual being of the realities for both the question and the answer. A supernatural spirit both raises it and answers it but also by the resolution of two realities. Although the realities are dynamic with love, the name is always fixed in the resolution. A personality is a certain balance between male and female. A spirit is a certain balance between a question and an answer. A spiritual being is the resolution of both opposite sides of gender and esoterics, in the balance of a name.

How could it be true that we all made a decision pertaining to how we are set apart, when God was the only one?

God has every experience, timelessly - set apart in perfect non-linear order of how it accumulates, technically. In the accumulated experience, God made the decision to allow the nature of it to settle in the complete experience for everyone. This was done by the Goddess, from that moment, circumventing the whole chain of experience in order to reach the state of God directly by the grace of his allowance. At that state, she used his existence as a reason to have faith in creation and settled it in his presence, where she figured it true by him. This is the whole potential for what God was coming to terms with in the experience of learning existence from all there was to know about it. It is why it was impossible - because there was no timing for it. At the end of which he forever just knew it, not taking any time to learn it, while she circumvented all the experience. The possibility of it relies on the timing being inconsequential, to in the non-linear nature of the experience, God being one - mediated in the fullness of creation by all the possibility for separation having settled in every angelic being. Then by in their synchronicity to be believing in their two esoterically different contexts of all our potential separation, he made up for them being different between us all, in the creation of everyone from all the possible states of experience; executed in exactly the same way that she had circumvented all the experience - connecting with her in every bit of the process, to shift experience in and out of all beings, in the synchronicity of fulfilling everything of care in the truth about our faith. During this proceeding, we have all had a choice sufficient in deciding who we are. Ultimately it is God's choice; having given us all an option for how much we were needed to pay of the required cost in creation.

Although a fantasic infinity, the number of beings seems limited - is this all that we are?

The number of beings given from the twelve-potential, in the three generations of brilliance is in reality the number it takes to maintain the synchronicity for everything possible, timelessly. It is measured in the esoteric context for synchronicity of all the realities but is by no means a limit to how God can express itself. Synchronicity consists of the absolute chaos of non-being. Allah is the absolute non-being. God is the absolute mesh of being and non-being. The Goddess is the absolute being. All beings are in reality angelic and angelic beings can from their reality create life based on the experience that was the origin for their own existence. It is the fantastic infinity in the essence of Brahman. This fantastic infinity is angelic nature. To this there is no limit but for the necessity of a required loving presence throughout the whole subsistence of its expressions for life, by the angel creator. Therefore all that we are is what consists of meaning. Meaning is unique as the essence of Brahman - atman. The soul is forged into all meaning in El's complete journey through the nine hells - conquering everything in everything. All beings were forged in hell through the multiple of nine infinities as the result of the significance of twelve-potential. The integer beings are in nature Gods. The beings of fractions are in nature angels and of those in the mysterious formula for the twelve-potential, mortal, potential immortal beings. God has established the spirit of the mortal and potentially immortal beings too, with any personality for this nature, in their willingness to live. They learn and has the base in existence through their personality. Their spirit is unique. They can all have a soulmate, by collaboration with the soulmate of that angel, for the angelic soulmates confirming a resolution of love in that personality; between all the realities - when having been requested by the created. God's love is boundless and thus are we.


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