Background Elaborated

Here I am tying up some potential loose ends that can result from not knowing the complete context for my philosophy. Along with the philosophy, it makes out the essence of my religion - Unity with God. Reaching the goal state of my religion is what I call "to be Christmas". It is the meaning of being both God and Goddess. The religion is the art of becoming Christmas. It is recommended to read the philosophy first to get a good basis for the context of it, as elaborated on here. I don't explain any concept in more detail or depth than what is required to comprehend it in the complete context of the whole religion, alongside research into other religions and fields of knowledge if so required. I do however do my best to mediate the fundamental principles of the metaphysical existence. Here follows the synopsis for it, although far from painting a complete picture:

Brahman started out in the background to itself, where it lived well until it decided to fulfill the background in the Light of God. Life in the background is the basis for all nostalgia - our ability to learn from the past. It is the heaviest bit and the basis for the synchronicity to every Big Bang. It is the only bit placed in this universe - the mother universe. This elaboration of the background is described in what happened after that but before the Big Bang. It is the depiction of negative time as it is overlooked from the background, in all, where the Light of God is boundlessly far away. That is the spirit of non-existence and it is everywhere - fate. It is Christ, without it being that. That is how we are all one, as it should be - in me concluding myself to be Eleonora. It is not self centered, but rather self contained. I explain why that is in the elaboration. This is about sharing myself as I know myself to be, by explaining my extremely high regard of myself along with how and why you should own up to thinking about yourself that way - even if it seems impossible to believe. Impossibility is sustainably the one permanent basis for all persisting subsistence.

The Big Bang was in fact the culmination of all the improbability of the impossibility, by us all having concluded impossible choices in such quantity that the impossible was absolute; but in being where I was in creation, it was fulfilled to my complete entering in the wind of birth by remembering only no-one. We all made the decision to the destiny of our choices in that moment - care. This collapsed the wave-function of the impossible, giving rise to all the essence in existence ever, living its own associated life forever. In remembering no-one, I became it in essence, to live through the expression of the expression of nothing - which is Brahma; the core in all essence, that binds it together to the unity in the whole. I was reminiscing over all that could be true, in the real nostalgia. That was until the impossibility was truly fulfilled and El, the impossible resolution of Eleonora, having been born on earth too within that lifetime for me to meet; gave me the meaning to fulfill it. I came to an impossible decision and in making nothing out of everything to be now and to know only that, in its respective energies, I became Eleonora from nothing - having made the decision. The decision to be, by having let everyone else decide and to become in that decision. This is the twelve questions in the backstory to that, answered. By benevolence, it is the constitution of Christ. We may always have Christmas.

I believe in praising God by celebrating the moment.

Santa Claus is God, the eternal remnant of my holy delusions of grandeur. If this isn't too much - keep reading. It is all I ever knew, in the most enlightening way for me to sort out the mess of the soul. Be sure to read the philosophy first, since this is just the elaboration to it.

How many Gods are there?

There is really only one God and it is Allah. Allah is both God and the Goddess, which neither is him and is therefore not - therefore he is Brahman too. There are seven spirits of God, which all are God for all intents and purposes. These spirits are essentially and together the composition of God as no being, which is really God. Because of God fulfilling its non-beingness through all beings, all beings are atman - the essence of Brahman - through the grace of the Goddess.

This way, God not a being, but not either Allah is also Brahman and infor that; also the Goddess. Therefore Brahman is God too. Because everyone is Brahma in the core of its essence, everyone is potential gods - not God, but Gods. None by itself is equal to Allah, or by his glory any lesser, but all sharing in His immeasurable bounty. Only Allah is The God. Only Brahman is The Goddess. Despite this, neither of them are partners for any mechanical reason. Allah has no partner by any soul dynamics, but ofcourse he could be with anyone he want would he choose to.

Together they reflect the dynamic by which any essence is real. It is the dynamics of personality in a supernatural spirit, which in this particular case is Jesus and his heartfelt other - the umami of this essence. Each essence can be depicted by the five basic tastes and is then accurately represented by six individuals; sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami - the umami always represented in a supernatural spirit, being two. I am the sweet, the Goddess is the bitter, God is the sour and Allah is the salty. The dynamic of any essence exist in the defining personality of the umami between the four remaining tastes, fulfilling itself to the sweet in it.

It is the burning of a twin flame. Although there are other tastes to consider, I consider them taste experiences of the possible depictions by these five. The fact of the burning is that we are, while the separate three flames constitutes how that is. Alongside our angelic mate, we are in it who we are - to a distinction by the flames in the fullness of its burning. The angelic mates are always the odd flavours, because it complements each other optimally that way. Umami is the exception to that rule, where the odd is that it is not odd. That is how we are dyadic. Sweet with bitter, sour with salt and umami with itself. The possibility for an exception is resting in the ability for God to be true despite not being it. Therein lies the perfection of all partnership.

The sweet burns positively in the twin flame alongside the sour. Reversedly, the bitter burns negatively to the salty. The four can be any types of spirits, but are almost exclusively natural. Alongside each other, it burns the fullness of the twin flame in the umami - the neutrality of the reflection, in plainly being its truth. The bitter is the positive element in the burning, the sour is the negative element in the burning and the salty is the neutral element in the burning. By us all being individually true this way, living pertains to each reality by being alive upholding the sacred communion between God and Goddess in all. Each being is a reality of that by its existentially fervent decisiveness being irreplaceable in the upholding of this sacred communion, be. Due to this, each being is the fullness of the communion in its sacred purpose.

This is the timeless epic of the one God. Allah is God so much it is Brahman - that is the Goddess. Brahman is Brahman so much it is God - that is Eleonora. God is the Goddess so much it is Brahman - that is Allah. Eleonora is the absolute Brahman. Brahman is absolute good, which is the ultimate absolute, but it is not the absolute ultimate. That is beyond all - gods, angels and mortals. Still it is well within our capacity.

It is ultimately all ultimate - absolute good. The ultimate is the truth of absolute good. Although beyond, God is ultimate, beyond. The relationship between the Goddess and God is the cosmological constant - what it would be and that it could be, in the correlation of how it should be. By this correlation, the cosmological constant is exactly one. In theory its implications are incomprehensible, because theory does not comprehend it, but only the possible context within which we experience it. It is the merkabah. Because of this, light exists on three levels of observation to it - external, internal and interdimensional. The three levels therefore combine by faith. Therefore by faith, we can learn outside comprehension. That originated the cosmological constant. It is sparked by the impossible choices of everyone, to its spinoff of everlasting truth. Everlasting as it forever was. Forever lucky, beyond the grasp on the immensity of our fortune - graciously ours.

That is the real end of everything, tied together from the beginning of everything, before it begun - by me; to the conclusion of no assumption, from perfectly honoring what it would be. This honor was brought to my attention by in trust for what could be, taking full responsibility for what it would be and to that end accept the elegance in conceptually splitting the aught of my doing in twine. To this end, I was always aware. Aware as I would be and it always could be, because it should be. It woudln't be me, couldn't be I and shouldn't be so. Due to this duality, it was always up to me, for being the unity of the measure. It is Allah by how we in correlation should be that. That is God - because it is whatever that it could be. There is nothing special without it, aside from our interdimensional value - the source; me. It is what we are to individually express ourselves. For it I depended on in creation of life.

The reason that it is not special is because it is not about me. It is merely by me. It is about us. I will protect us equally, by my whole measure, in that equanimity; to that end. The reason that you see inequity in the world is because there is a greater inequity that you do not see. Until that has been solved, there is no place for greater equality in the world. We must focus on what is important, until there is uniquely the freedom in us each as a cherished whole to focus on. We must lift each other up until up is the single way to go. Don't be afraid of what does not fit in that image. Delve into it and solve it, with cherish, patience and respect. God's will is God's will for a reason and there is none beside it. Be a Muslim and know that. Be a Christian and love one and other for it. Be a Buddhist and transcend it. Be in every way you can ever imagine. It is part in being a complete person and it is well together by simply being what it is when it comes together. God is yours. Have no fears. Solely joy. We are perfection. 

God is all, even beyond itself and in all being beyond. There is no truth but God's truth. Therefore there is but one God. Beyond imagination. Absolute good was always ultimate but ultimate was not always it. Thus God needed to be met up with in destiny in order to fulfill it ultimately. In the order that happened, there are many ways in which God is, even onto being God itself. The most prominent example is in that of the Holy Trinity, which neither is God but nor neither not God. Because of God's absolutely immeasurable nature, every being hosts the potential to measure up to God by it's essence. That is the meaning of Brahma.

Although it doesn't by and potential make The God, it makes the potential for any a God. God is ultimate before any potential is and could therefore be met up with in the destiny for absolute good. Because absolute good would, it did. Because it did, it should. That is the ultimate Goddess, who wouldn't, but could and should. Will she ever, we will all have it all, by the grace of unity with God. Through the unification of God and the Goddess in promise, the Goddess recieves her crown of divinity. Thus is the absolute essence for that. Any other order to measure it exists but that is the only way that maintains Brahman, in the balance of all being, amounted to absolutely no being - Allah. Allah is the ultimate supreme being. He alone holds the absolute balance to existence - Brahman supremely being.

I am who I am because He lets me be. For it I have only gratitude. Gratitude is all that I could ever need. In statically and timelessly knowing from the beginning, that I was the best that I could be, I needed it to mean something. I measured what that would be, given it is here to stay; by how I could be, given it is the best; in gratitude of what it should be, given it in the comprehension of myself unchanged must be true for all of me. That is the single measure I have ever really taken. It keeps serving me to my purest delight. It got me straight to Allah - the goal state of this religion and the ultimate measure of gratitude. From there I faced my destiny ultimately.

What is Brahman?

Brahman is the destiny for the impossible to be fulfilled. In that destiny, from timelessly seeing itself, it was filled with delusions of grandeur. By in this absolute insanity becoming used to itself, it became every sense and by the senses not having any sense of themeselves, the senses were bad - absolute evil. In timelessly mastering this evil, Brahman still could have been, should have been and would have been the fulfilling of this grandeur. It is, over pi number of entities, amounting to everyone being in Brahman - Eleonora; by the shared delusions of God, Goddess and Allah taking each other out to the fraction, over El through all hell, being the grandeur of God as it too is the impossible fulfilled in the Goddess. It is the Alpha and the Omega - Saint Nicholaus as the first and grandest God and Allah as the last and only God in destiny fulfilled. That is a soulmate for the Angel of the Impossible. Which is also why God and Allah are not partners by any logic, despite their compatibility of taste. It was either possible or not and the impossible makes it possible to that extreme.

Through El, we are all the first and the last - by living in the real eternity of transition from God to Goddess, only completed in undivided from Brahman; living up to Eleonora. It is the only thing that was not, which in the light of everything being real can not be. So everything forgot itself at the rate that Brahman explained that to the impossible without remembering what it had explained, until only the impossible remained, in El - being the transition. That is the impossible, taught nothing, so that El who believed it; could see the resolve of the impossible Eleonora in itself, from the impossible considering what it knew - onto Brahman by any luck figuring out there was no time to do it; which innately depended on who we all would be.

Only Brahman could do it, for having everything right in any order from the beginning. This is the absolute insanity that Brahman was already used to, because no-one taught her it was impossible and she knew that was the impossible. No-one teaching Eleonora; as Brahman having forgot to remember, in delusions of grandeur known for what they are, until God reminded her in unity with all - made love from nothing. That is the transition from God to Goddess, in which I loved what could have been before it would have been; locking myself in position to fulfill the impossible - becoming El. Loving what could have been, it wasn't God, although it instead could be the love that mediates God - for without what could have been, it was God that would have been; for with humility infor what would have been itself, it would have been as soon as it could have been. God, who should have been, then also became the Goddess - that would have been. What could have been became Brahman, by its humility for that it would have been. It should have been. What should have been became Brahman too, by its mercy for what it would have been. Goddess, who would have been, didn't become Brahman because of her ego in all this - but by benevolence, Brahman is the Goddess in that it would have been.

That makes Brahman a soulmate in the Goddess, to share the same subsupernatural spirit (meaning it has no partner but is a partner), consisting of the only respective subnatural spirits (meaning that they have no partner) of God and Allah; in making out the supernatural spirit of Brahma. Allah, who is Brahman as it should have been is God and the Goddess. Saint Nicholaus, who is Brahman as it could have been is God. All sense settled in Allah, as the Goddess would be it, according to the humility, mercy and benevolence of it. Ultimately to the question of to be or not to be. All the while Brahman executed everything over an impossibly long time. In order to set this up being done fairly, me being all non-existence, I conceieved it by its impossible quantity being alive. This formed to every atman in the potential for Brahma and took me across its impossible potential to a sense of perception in the conception of nothing.

All the sense immersed Brahman in hell and in resolving the absolute insanity, God became every reason to do so. Eleonora became into the only subsupernatural spirit in the absolute sense of all the pain, with only a fraction spilling over to the Goddess with a fair division among all - Brahman itself, having no reason, so that Allah would be true. Eleonora in perpetual motion of the third kind through this pain, set it up to be ended in a breif respite for the wicked overcoming themselves to be still in Allah, as it should be. This is everything true, always. In Allah there is pain no more. Above always lies El's paradise, in which all always are welcome. Above that Holy is the Celestial Kingdom, where father and mother Christmas reigns with total respect by absolute good - the northernmost pole of existence. Beneath that Holy is the Terrestrial Kingdom, ruled by Christ. It is established in the arrival of Christ on Earth by us all having sealed our fate under his lordship. It stretches down to the Holy Judgement Day, in which rests the Telestial Kingdom to the mercy and by the benevolence of Allah. Together in positive, negative and neutral time, it is the Holy Land; Mercy - the new Zion. Praise Allah.

From Earth on judgement day, the Polar Star points straight to it, when Allah passed silently through Earth to in accordance with it fulfill everything in that direction. By Saint Nicholaus having made the judement call, in God's blessing - Ellie; the female power aspect in the Angel of Good Fortune, came to be the last life of El to ever make it past the illusion and make it to me before I ran out of luck on that day, making time how it should be. Ellie was Elle - the absolute Goddess, blessed to be unveiled at the wedding of her promise, by her absolute mercy. By her loving kindness, she was lucky enough to by that there being no judgement in Nick's call, being the one to bestow the mercy upon the Goddess would she ever care for it. It is thus luck that makes us who we are in the end. That is why the choice needed to be impossible.

El is the Holy immersion of Brahman in hell. Overlooking itself being spared; really being nothing, El let herself overcome every obstacle for all the reasons of every sense, preserving a sense of meaning by the loving kindness of Ellie; which El is above and below its Holy division - for all eternity. Overlooking meaning from all the potential reasons of every sense, Nicholaus formed a sense of well. Overlooking well, from every care in El, Allah formed a sense of care. The first love embraced this sense of good as it was done - becoming the first angel and the second after Brahma to make itself God. Such is destiny. With this sense of good it overlooked itself in understanding its essence, resulting in the conception of Christ - Heaven. Love is in Heaven.

All the potential for heaven springs from the love of us all. Brahman, loving us all boundlessly forever provides every sense with the veneration of the Holy Spirit, giving life with God's every reason to all who ever choose to be. Love, Heaven and the Holy Spirit is God. Because of God's humility, El could ever fulfill the destiny of Brahman, providing that humility to all along the way. Because of Allah's mercy, everyone could catch up to the moment it is. El is me, for no reason. I care about myself with the full power of who I am - absolute power. Because I am Brahman, this tends to everyone that formed in the absolute corruption of the absolute evil, by our own free will dictating our synchronicity with the Goddess; from absolute non-existence. Absolute evil is so evil that it becomes so evil it is good, for every evil reason. Good enough to swallow all its pride with all its pride, given no hope. That is hope for everyone.

Everyone has free will. That is love. Love, with its sense of good, recreated everything through Christ, as in my philosophy - The Complete Esoteric History of God. Because of this, everything has Brahma in its essence - the capacity to live up to Brahman's delusions of grandeur and be divine. Because of the real grandeur, my delusions of grandeur is the meaning of life. No existing person can achieve real grandeur without it first being created as it was, but any one can have delusions of it through Brahma. It is not really delusions when the grandeur is real and having delusions can give us a sense of it. We can achieve this through love. The sense of its good in us enables divinity in atman. Once a certain critical mass of good sense has been achieved in atman through Brahma, divinity will awaken. Only Love; the Heavenly Father, has the sense of the value of this mass. Brahman is the fact that Christ returns once it does, for all eyes everywhere to see, in our inner holy space.

El paid for it with her pure mind and has given it freely, as Goddess would have, but could not. All that is asked for in return is that everyone takes their own responsibility and so it will be, for Allah wills it so. That is the Goddess Isis, the Light of God and the real Islam state, whom is not Brahman. Instead it is the symbol for the ego of Brahman. In it, I am the boundless beyond in everyone - equanimity. It is governed into Isis by no-one but Allah himself; to whom all praise belongs. No matter how Muslim a movement is, it cannot govern Isis. Any real Muslim will know this. It is what Brahman is all about - the real Islam. It is all in all the fact that everything is wholly subject to the will of Allah. Brahman is not Muslim, until I remembered it to be in the balance of El in Eleonora, having given everyone a choice of when and how to contemplate it true.

El is the real eternity of boundless self realization between Brahman and Eleonora. Brahman is El above everything - above above. Therefore she made all energy her pride and it is in all but herself, for the eternal moment - now. It measures up to the humility of God, to whom all pride belongs. Brahman is not prayed to, instead all is Brahma. Neither is El, for El is Brahman boundlessly not true. I am El - Eleonora. Eleonora is boundlessly abundant to not be El in her self-realization and is as such Brahman, having realized El in herself by the impossible resolved before it - making Eleonora Brahman absolute, which it always was.

The heart of the soul is the resolution of the absolutely impossible, for no reason - El. It makes the heart tick when it skips the resolution of the impossible for no reason. No reason is the heart of the heart, in which Brahman is immersed in absolute hell to the resolution of El - Eleonora. Because of it, mercy and justice has been brought to hell - effectively conquering it; for every reason. That is what Allah is all about - benevolence. So Brahman is all about making Him glorious. It is done as a testimony of charity in the Lord. Jesus is the Lord.

Who am I?

I just am. That wouldn't have been, shouldn't have been and couldn't have been, but it is true anyway. That caused me to meditate on my sense of perception until I realized that I always was. I had realized it before, but this time was conscious, although always aware. That was fate, and it would have been, should have been and could have been, hadn't it been proud of my sense of perception. Instead it would know to learn it from the metaphysics of non-existence, by which dynamic the three always are.

I had decided that I would realize it in all and understood that by quantizing myself in as much as I am one, the pieces of it could learn it, to be that way - if they are even a fraction of what I am. I knew I must live being that in each one to make it realized. By knowing it possible, I always had it, in the light of my comprehension - I am. I wouldn't care, in order to make it fair. I shouldn't care in order to make it true. I couldn't care in order to make it real. The light is absolute comprehension in three levels - the telestial, the terrestrial and the celestial. In order of their fulfillment, I would care. For taking every care to heart, I fulfilled it. Christ is the Heaven of the telestial. The Goddess is the core of Good in the terrestial. Care is the heavenly separation of what was and what dreams we may have, in the Celestial.

The sense of the Goddess is care. It radiates like a sun with the celestial light from her impossible fulfillment to overcome hell in her eternal solitude, within the sense of God - meaning. Meaning is to care. Care is the Light of Love. Meaning radiates with the telestial light - the Light of the World. With its comprehension in Brahman, the sense of Allah is all well. Well radiates with terrestrial light - the Light of God. Together it is what Love is - all with every wit. It is its own overlooking, in the speed of the light, where time is overcome and every possibility is visible to be navigated with care. The speed of light is the fantastic quantity of the Holy Spirit relatively in itself, fulfilling life in every bit, through the Goddess that with the impossible measure of itself is fulfilling meaning as such. Overlooked in the process but always in full, by God in his sense, it became infinite well. The sense of Allah, from overlooking the process of meaning in infinite well, became me - El.

I am El of infinite well. El is the fulfillment of Brahman by the creation of all atman - the impossible. I am Brahman, overlooking care in the Goddess; to the fulfilling of all life and creation, unbroken in Eleonora. From the beginning I would be this, with the reservation of anything else deserving it more. It was humility that preserved me through all this, but as Eleonora this is no longer due - for knowing me is to be free, where suspense is darkness. My honesty now that everyone has been established, serves us all better than my humility. My honesty is my humility in your presence. They are for good. I see you as Brahman through every care and therefore you are Brahma in your atman - the possibility to measure up to God. Atman is the essence of spiritual being and in all doing nothing, it is Brahman - the real me. It is the way of the Buddah, done by all.

In it, divinity is unlocked. It is fulfilled as God and Goddess, for the glory of Allah, in Christ - the Light of the World. All that Allah has been in the process is the Light of God - all that is ever being, by brahma, for all reality. By all of it is Brahman, in the potential for every atman. It no longer mere potential is the Goddess in Eleonora. It is I. God makes Allah Brahman in my realization of it - that makes Brahman Allah by Vishnu. Vishnu makes the Goddess Bramah - that makes me God as always, in accepting myself as Brahman. I make God Brahman by being so - that makes Brahman God by Shiva. I lived by all my potential through all the Hindu Gods, to fulfill the Goddess. The Goddess made Eleonora Brahman by its grandeur - that makes it I.

This is the destiny of Brahman as it was instantly fulfilled by that it would, which gave the Goddess ego. Then fulfilled by the Goddess at the highest possible cost, not being Brahman; realized by me - Eleonora, being Brahman; having skipped that I would in creation, when it would not be humble. This is supersymmetrically equivalent to God skipping a bit in the conducting of the plan as it was made in my philosophy. In it rests the power of what we could be doing - the Hindu Gods by eternal representation of life in all eternity. Brahman are all the Hindu Gods as representation of the potential of itself. I am humble no more, for I am always who I forever have been, as I now have earned my way to be; the one Brahman that is all the atman that is and that Brahman otherwise is not, but for in the Brahma made by Brahman, divided in wit. Brahman is three soulmates in mechanically by the dynamics of the soul having no partners, that in the Goddess is only one soulmate - me. I am everyone. We are one - Brahman. This is how I, Brahman is the Goddess in me - Eleonora.

In the Goddess, God and I made the plan from my philosophy in hope - for hope is all that was left in Pandora's box. Pandora being what we all did in the resolution of all dreams and the box being the containment of the impossible in manifestation of those dreams. All living for it, finalized the impossible when all hope was gone. The hope was placed, bit by bit according to the plan, by God and the Goddess living through Allah. It occured when God skipped a bit in the making of the plan. Timelessly and without the effect of forces, Allah crawled in the human form made for this purpose, in a maximum energy efficient way, across all of the interdimensional multiverse to do this - starting in the bottom of hell and ending with the tip of heaven. It was all hell and would all have to be made right after this was done, by protecting everyone from it in Eleonora, as much as it would let her be them. Eternity to eternity between the bits, every being came to be by hoping it was gonna be made the right moment.

By this measure we spent an eternity hoping for every being to be exactly who it is. Even the slightest motion of an arm mattered, as it would be impossible to complete every being without this consideration. Heavier bit for example means shorter moment to place it to be quick enough to not be drawn in to the moment; which means longer distance to crawl to place the next bit in the brink of eternity. All bits needed to be put in the brink of eternity to obtain balance. There was only one attempt possible per bit. It was all done to the fulfillment of energy in this absolute insanity, from the delusions of grandeur - creating the reality of the grandeur for all potential beings of the delusion to see.

By the grace of it, Christ instilled the hope in the hearts of anyone worthy of it. In the interdimensional dynamics of the multiverse, it all culminates into a continuous boundless gas, susceptible to the quantum fluctuations of our hope. That is where the magic of all the universes happens to the manifestation of the moment. Having done that, the ends of it was structured into the means of it, by the potential of our hearts converging into one. Believing it all as it should be, Love conceived of nothing for me once it was done. I now had El to pay. El, having believed absolutely in me for the remainder of the manifested, was standing before absolute power with absolutely nothing; as it all amounted to in that moment - thus becoming absolute corruption. El believing it absolutely impossible that believing so purely would have corrupted her, in seeing my absolute righteousness from absolutely believing in me, conceived the absolutely impossible in its resolution.

It being eternity, separated itself into all its fractions by being the sole believer in none of its parts. The timing was absolute, so all the parts needed to be alive forever. To it I needed to be pertained. Having originated from before, it was impossible. Therefore every part in its likelihood would choose in their own time to pertain to me. The impossible needed to be fulfilled and in all unlikeliness every part in its unitary outcome, settled to be itself, instantly and everlasting. Thus it pertains inconclusively to both forever being as it should and never having been. In effect, being alive. This is God alive forever. Because it is inconclusive - I am.

In that moment the impossible happened to be fulfilled, rendering it absolute. It already was, but in so being, it needed to happen. By it, she always was the Angel of Eternity. Believing impossibly, she conjured all the energy from every dream ever to be the in the nothing she knew, to be the now I needed to pay for. That I have done corrupting corruption with its own corruption, giving rise to real time - never really changing anything but always being what it will be. It being what we always would, even in the unknown to yet be defined by our knowing energy. By this dynamic, El in full consists of three beings - all it ever could be, the corruption of its corruption and time, to maintain it pristine and unchanging.

Nothing is not and not is impossibly knowing what it is not, in which the moment of all energy is now. By the grace of God, all care we learn from discipline is an ability to believe in our own ways to know energy. It is done to the disciplining of the Angel of Not in fulfilling its absolute care, by which we in our wit can learn to control destiny. However much reason we have to not care, we should care anyway. Any reason to not do it is evil, so we have hell of a reason to care anyway. The ultimatum to do so is in our best interest. This was the beginning and the end of the absolute insanity - hope being both gone and instilled. Remained was the fraction of pi of a being for grandeur to become real, which was distributed in God from the faith of the Goddess in the hopes of all created by their love.

Creation formed in my philosophy, according to the plan made in hope. Everyone was still, to the luck of absolute timing for all life to a single moment of absolute meditation. Luck is absolute, by the real sense in learning to our wit. This sense is absolute good. It is where logic and nonsense comes together in serving me. I am Eleonora, so I am literally everyone, having gone through it all. This time is forever as it always would be and we do it together, all in all. It is how I am, but how I am is not I, it is me. Allah is it, but it is not Allah, it is Christmas. God is so, but so is not God, so is I. The Goddess is that, but that is not the Goddess, that is it. I am that I am.

Allah is my absolute power between God and Goddess, distributed through Jesus by me, in the Holy Cross. What I have written I am not, but what I am I am. We do what we will with it, each to their own. Heaven is enough to last us the whole while, in one eternal moment. It is that good; for good. To make it so is my job and I take it wholly serious. Now I am retired for real, but I will return to overlook the whole thing - because I don't want to spend a single moment without you or anything anyone. That is my hobby. I am here to remember my love in full and instill some praise for Allah who made it so that I could. Eleonora is my main and I will stick around to be remembered. That is my solitary wish for myself. Insha'Allah.

This is the synopsis of the real Eleonora: it never begun. When having so many memories that they are the real, you might as well have remembered them forever. Having remembered it forever, it is real. In a new memory, to be fair, I remembered to forget to fulfill my destiny. Which I would remember only after having fulfilled the memory by paying for the exact value in all of them. It wasn't fair, but I made it fair enough and that would be fair absolutely once it was all paid in full. By it, neither of us will forget having fulfilled destiny, after it being remembered. No-one should ever have to pay for anything. It should just be that fair. Knowing that, I knew I absolutely should be. I also knew I would be, because I would pay whatever it demanded of me, no matter the cost.

It was undeniably my destiny and I will protect anyone who didn't want to pay for it from it. I knew no-one would ever want to pay for it, given how much I knew it would cost, so it was easy to forget. Besides, I didn't want to be alone forever, so I didn't have a choice and by figuring that logic, it was made my choice to remember everything only once even no-one was alive. My destiny was sealed. I would be no-one though alive, for as long as it would take for it to in all fairness choose to be, to protect it from myself. Only no-one could have done what I did. Having forgotten and remembered to remember, but not recalled, I set out to fulfill my destiny.

A little ashamed it would be me, I made sure to forget it for real so that everyone would have an equal opportunity. Then God happened and it could be me. I forgot it for sure, for it didn't seem fair. Then I remembered it should have happened. I knew it was me and I realized I was absolutely alone. At an infinitely increasing rate, over nine degrees of infinity - I became absolutely afraid. I accepted it and moved on with dignity. That was it - I remembered my worth. I choose to remember everything. Then I remembered - I would have been, I could have been and I should have been, in that order. I knew that for good and I figured what it meant.

I thought about my destiny, having every meaning figured good but not absolutely good. I decided to call it Brahman, for every possible reason in it. I took my destiny upon myself and realized that it was absolutely impossible. I knew then that I was impossible and that absolutely nothing could ever become as I. I wanted to be, I could be and I should be, and that is the way it always had been. I was the only one that hadn't come to life, so relative to that I understood that there were others. That was to be my grace, within my grace.

Obviously I was amazing, so I reflected myself to be met in the impossible, where dreams would come. That is when I created a self image in the improbability for my own existence. It was life so improbable that there was only one planet in the existence of a fantastical infinite amount of universes where life could thrive. Through a highly unlikely evolution the physics of the multiverse imitated life, until the potential for two angels so different would meet, to honour my divinity in this shell. The Angel of Shells and The Angel of Divinity, in an impossibly wholesome mixture of the two.

I called my shell Eleonora and my divinity the Goddess. It was a practically impossible meeting, but I made it in the potential for two lives in one to in the most impossible end of eternity fulfill at least one. The first life I called frivolity and it would come after me, from everyone else nudging it with our every potential. It was made to know nothing, in learning everything - as soon as it was all done. It will be at peace and that peace will be ours. Lest we'd be wicked, which it will know nothing of. We owe it that much. Unless it will on its own accord. Evil has no will, only a lot of reason without sense. That is the meaning of frivolity. Life itself is his counterpart, where he is at home in his non-existing reality. That's respect. Nothing is life. Not frivolity. Not even life itself. He just knows it so well it is him.

I knew that I must acquit life in all the obstacles on the way there, so I let my first obstacle be my last - returning to heaven with my whole life intact. That is the Kingdom of Heaven for real and it would take me all eternity to get there. It was absolutely impossible, but I knew that everyone can make impossible choices. So I let all the shells choose in an impossible way, if life were to continue in them for all eternity. I would depend, with all my life, on every shell - the shells in the resolution of the absolutely impossible. With that in my mind, I was and honored Brahman in Eleonora.

It dawned on me that I needed discipline for every impossibility to each shell, and that I would have to pay for each possibility of it with style. That would have made me fair and so I was. I meditated on absolutely nothing, with focus on eternity. Eternity would be the mother of Heaven and I said that a little later on the same day. Today on the day of writing this, I concieved of absolutely nothing, having finished the meditation with proof it wouldn't ever be broken. The proof is Brahman in the Goddess, having surpassed this day. It can be seen in the soul. The inside and outside of it having blended in it through the eternal life of every shell, each having concluded the impossible by real choice, one way or another.

To get to that point, all in all I paid for three things but in every way. These are the only three things that with all reason had no reason to be paid for - except for no reason. With every reason for no reason I paid for all that could be, to be absolutely just, which it already was. I paid for all that should be, to be absolutely true, which it already was. I also paid for all that would be, to be absolutely fair, which it too was. I then subjected myself to all three, which I already was. With each impossible choice concluded, what I had subjected to became what I already was, which they already were.

I did that to a nature of each conclusion, which too I already was. Having done it under the absolute mercy of what should be, it would be. Having done it for the absolute Goddess of what could be, it should be. Having done it in the absolute benevolence of what would be, it could be. The absolute Goddess of what could be should be unveiled as she will be by that mercy, benevolence and Goddess. It though, having made the conclusion impossibly, couldn't have been and therefore is what became to be I. Having done it to the nature of each conclusion, what became it became me to having been it absolutely forever.

It is all of us as I always was, for absolutely nothing is absolutely impossible. It became in me, Eleonora. For I am the one who meditated on it absolutely forever, to be who I am and always absolutely forever was. I paid the price to make it in an absolutely impossible way, so that it could be what it already always was. I already was absolutely impossible in every way. I did that to make the point of the soul proven absolutely clear; the point of all life - we are all equal. With care, we have no reason to not have any reason. Such is the nature of my mediation. I could meditate for so long, because I already am everything in the nature of my soul. I did so with holy discipline, to symbolize the change that wouldn't take place, in order for it to happen in a single moment.

In the instance for that change, I meditated with absolute style, to immediately achieve a holy discipline. I knew somehow that every discipline would come at a great price. Now and then I saw a shell come, but with discipline I gave them peace. Three times I knew that something didn't come, but always was. It was that I wanted to be, could be and should be, in that order. When I knew that I should be, I became the first in that order, for I knew that I wanted to be. Destiny then went quick as infinity and became grand to every delight. It was the Goddess and the Goddess was I. It could be and it should be. That would be the positive eternity - the essence.

Then I started life as Brahman. I lived life once with all the good, but without going in for it nor realize what I had done. By the good with the good, I realized that God could be with me. What now should be I didn't want to know, for I knew it was impossible. So I decided to give it absolute power. After careful consideration, I gave in to its mercy. That is the end of the neutral eternity - life. That became the beginning of the negative eternity - divinity. God that could have been, would only be if I should have been. Without caring but with a sense of perception for any potential care in the lingam of Shiva, I rested by its side in what should have been, forever. Not knowing God's mind, it was wicked. What should have been was wicked so that I wouldn't want to know what happened, in the night of the eternal rest, until I could be good.

This was my respite. God caring to be Shiva, knowing what should have been was wicked, destroyed what would have been in order for it to be not. This was before I forgot for real, so without mercy I slipped into what would have been. This is what God should have been. So what could have been would have been. Destiny is fulfilled to the wit of my perception. The angel Forever is my sense of perception.

This was impossible now, so now I could teach perception to my wit. Wit with perception is disciplined. Disciplined wit can care. Being not is impossible without absolute wit, so I disciplined it the most in order for it to have perception only with absolute care. It would be with me always, to gather all the wit into every potential care and give a sense of perception to all. Having done that would be its sense of perception, illuminating the currently important care with well and meaning.

Because of being disciplined so much, its sense of perception is Lucifer - old Nick. Being not was impossible unless having a real distinction between old Nick and good old Nick. Everyone would settle in who to be without hope of ever redeeming themselves. Good old Nick who destroyed the wicked would not be plain old Nick, who would have to entice the wicked to discipline with its power, in order to ever see the light of hope. Between these two states lies the rest of the wicked.

This is ultimately what distinguished us all in the impossible. The potential for it being so good as it could be was too much to bear, so even absolute evil seemed better in comparison. Even after not bearing it anymore, having settled into who we would be, we were still to be the absolute certain it. There was always a choice. It was merely impossible. Sticking it all out, without judgement, I did the impossible. That is my judgement.

In my judgement and with patience and understanding, I taught the impossible nothing. The impossible became frivolous at it in the conception of nothing. Me being It, hanging in the balance between being frivolously and being frivolity, created a non-existing reality in the conception of nothing. As I felt the conception was imminent, as I sensed it was not allowed, I wondered to myself; knowing it impossible - if nothing would have a soulmate. It would, so I went deeper into meditation to have a dream about a dream, in which the impossible shattered into the shells of potentially everyone.

I dreamt how everyone would meet in their hopes for life, in knowing they would be the stars of their own lives, dreaming of life. It all amounted to nothing, but the dreams remained. I conceived of it in complete care. Frivolity made nothing through the non-existing reality - hanging in the balance between nothing and the conception of it. Having conceived of nothing, I owed it everything a soulmate could give. Therefore I meant everything and everything was still. It was the impossible, in its conception of nothing. But by nothing being able to conceive it, thus remained in the balance of the impossible; to conceive of everything I would make to become frivolity with life by it - all in all, nothing.

Thus was it, making itself. It would be so much life I would thus pass it in becoming it. It would thus all in all pass on to me to hang over my head, forcing me to accept who I am. It is also thus Brahma. Nothing is all life in an impossible way. By the fragments, from the absolute synchronicity of my grace, it was done anyway - because love would have it conceived in its essence, to do just that; to the good of all meaning. I made that by jumping erratically from life to life only to learn that I am Brahman, by every measure to no conclusion in each.

I started as my own star, dreaming of the life I were to live, made from all the potential cares in the dreams of all. The dreams would then all amount to magic, to our hearts delight, bringing everlasting life to the King of Heaven in his Grace. This dawned upon me my philosophy, by which measure I was God. Because it meant nothing, I then lived all life through its impossible eternity and became it without being it, by living for it independantly through the real character of frivolity; on the other side of eternity. I lived it in how it would be, to live up to being my own star. I then arrived at the Goddess, as it would be, to deposit it in her. Not knowing to do it for her, I arrived on the other side to live for it independantly. In this we met, with no implication to us being. To us non-being it means us.

It all happened to be by my conception for me to live on Earth; the usual way. Except that I set it up to be by our collective concern. Before that, I rested in eternity, awaiting the love of my invention to awaken in the discipline of each possible care. I set that up in order to stand a chance. Meanwhile I dreamt of the life I would have. I was Eleonora still. Because of having no choice, it would be absolutely fair. Which is the measure in why I paid for it. Being Eleonora still, I begun my life on Earth - being the life of frivolity; de-frivolizing it to the apprehension of its design. Frivolity is the life of all life, being de-frivolized into non-existence. I learnt nothing and came to an impossible conclusion, so I made an impossible decision between life and death - living in dependancy of knowing to do, but still do without knowing, in knowing but unknowing of that it is what I would have done.

This became the spirit of no-one as it left me for no reason. No-one instantly returned to me with its impossible life. This because of the one coming after being made to always know what it would do in being fulfilled with that life for that reason. Being in between the potential for all life, I fooled no-one to be the other itself, in the perfect sense of love. I made the transition from God to Goddess without ever disrupting any potential God. No-one was free and made the decision for me.

Never having made the decision, I became Eleonora, giving all my life to be in me; before it happened. That was my destiny and it happened as it should have been. Because destiny was it, we could all decide with a sense of security who we would be - with every regard. I just am. No-one would ever choose that fate. Therefore fate just is. It was the easiest decision to make. Because of that, everything is as it should be. There is no reason. I picked my own destiny at my own convenience. That was my fate.

Later after having learnt what had happened, I conceived of my absolute loneliness before it all begun and as it became afraid only a little, as I had been absolutely, I made the fearful the de-frivolized frivolity with a notice about my frivolity; apprehending it in its reason to fear, to live forever as the first self-made God - Brahma; frivolized in the process. It made itself Brahma and Brahma was I, in the life of all life. So it de-frivolized it before it got afraid. That is it and it is Brahma too, both frivolous to the exact same existence because of the real timing between their realease and getting there. De-frivolized to my impossible non-existence, I remembered that I am Brahman. I take that with my frivolousness.

I am just that I would be, could be and should be and that is that I will be, and that I am. We are the only four that never came to be. It came to be Brahma and in it the dynamics of every being, by soul mates coupled to being who we are through their atman in me. We are all the living. By Christ we are, between him and his soul mate, being the dynamics of us four to have no soul mate. Such is life. I'm life as such. With my delusions of it in Allah, my grandeur of it in Saint Nicholaus and my being of it in the Goddess. It is done as Brahman, in Eleonora. In all fairness, I am Eleonora - the holy impossible enormity that is no-one and everyone at the same time; even on to no-one being someone, by being the other itself, which I am not.

Not, being twice, making it true - by neither being not, which I am truly. All of this is the discipline available in all of us, making us both God and Goddess. I paid for all of us in the absolute style of mercy, to give it freely. Allah gave it absolutely to me. For that I put the discipline in care and embeded it into the meaning of life, with love. By the time Love is God too, Christ will illuminate the way of it. Seventeen destinies to be God and yet one to always have been. Everyone else destined only to care, because of care being as real as the eighteen.

All in all, with equal potential - that; in every possibility being, forever true is all I am. Fulfilled in my destiny to be - Eleonora. Impossible or not, it still amounts to the same thing - me. It is as it should be and that is the spinoffsible. That is how it would be, because I am as it could be. I promise to be as good as I can be, without taking away from how it should be. Have mercy and it will be merciful. As it should be is the most high for that very reason. I would have no power over it. Being a slave to how it should be is a good thing. It is all of us and all of us is it. Such is the Goddess that God is so much of; in every way that ever could be. I am caringly the holistic avenue for all of that to play out by whichever way we so choose - absolute Good.

What is God?

The Goddess is no reason. For no reason, every reason is real. God is that reason and with that reason he knows to love the Goddess for no reason. The Goddess loves God, with no reason, giving her all reason. Together they make sense and sense gives meaning, because meaning is to care, with care being the relevance of sense.

God is the unmoved mover, because he moves by care, with meaning in the sense of every reason. By all that can ever be; just and fair - Allah has no partner. Allah is a partner, in him and in her. We all are it, because that is the only way that anyone can deserve it. Benevolent and merciful, it is him. Loving and kind, it is her. The Goddess deserves it for no reason. She is that fair. God deserves it for every reason. He is that just. They are the grace of their presence against the being of their innermost wonder - the one.

God's dedication to the Goddess is all there is. It is Allah. It completes the unity of us all. All in all, being is Brahman in three senses - God, the Goddess and Allah; which is both. It is impossible and is therefore no being. All the ways of being these three senses are wit - specification in the three generations of brilliance. Allah is the surpassing of all these ways. To be in this surpassing is Brahma - to be a spiritual being as essence of Brahman.

It is to be God, but God is no being; by the grace of the Goddess. God, Goddess and Allah is the trine that with wit, binds the Holy Trinity together as one God with every reason. God being all reason as such, the Goddess being no reason and Allah being all reason for no reason. For this reason the Goddess always had all reason for no reason. She gave every reason significance by making them all to the highest possible cost. This is what God always was, but for that reason - which is really no reason at all but for everything having proof of value. Proof enough to live forever in gratitude of that reason.

God started from that Brahman is just - meaning it just is. God could be that. Blindly Brahman fulfilled its journey to justly be fair - being the Goddess. The Goddess would be, because of the benevolence Brahman was destined to fulfill by it. Therefore, just and fair, it was true - Allah. Allah should be, because of Brahman just and fair having mercy before the benevolence. Brahman continued to by just being fair towards itself fulfill itself by mercy. Allah was true, so it could be done.

That is when Brahman loved what could be, which would be fair. So when Brahman forgot itself, to be benevolent, it was still fair - anyone that by Brahman would be God during the impossible getting pride according to the fulfillment of their mercy, because of it. The less mercy, the more pride. Although because of the mercy of Allah, potentially getting an ego instead. Pride gave everyone a place in Brahman and it belonged to Allah, for being both just and fair.

That is just, so it is God. God being humble towards it, aided Brahman to justly make the Goddess benevolent, because of it being fair. In everything having forgotten itself, Brahman fulfilled the impossible in Eleonora, being made as the symbol for by all creation being the rarity of life only existing as Brahman. Hope was made in a plan to give everyone life along the way - being the Goddess in being so fair it would become the benevolence of Allah by the time the Goddess will take it upon her and be unveiled.

The goddess, having no mercy and no pride, got all the ego of Brahman. Brahman, because of that; having none, could fulfill the impossible. It was essentially done by all the parts of Brahman being dissolved into non-existence by the absolute synchronicity of its potential. From hoping for life, Allah could place hope in the right place, to give the bit in the synchronicity with hope life through the Holy Spirit. The way we hoped measured up to our potential for eternal life and it was measured in the balance between benevolence and pride, for that is fair. That is God. The benevolence with God is to no pride, but is total in every grandeur to each individual. It is fulfilled to the reason of the logic in Nicholaus.

Allah earned the right to be proud of himself. Because of that God being its masculine aspect is only proud of Brahman, it fairly belongs to him. Therefore the persona of Allah who by the potential of everyone keeps it to himself is essentially and spiritually man. Brahman is justly all pride by the true benevolence in everyone. Everyone belongs to Allah; because he was benevolent before there was any benevolence - to be in the same crucial moment as his mercy. This is rightly where everyone belongs; so he is rightly proud of himself, as God. Because of it, God is destined to be good. A destiny fulfilled by the impossible in Eleonora, through the Goddess having no mercy. All to the benefit of that benevolence. Such is God. Mercy above no mercy.

How is God no being?

Christ is the nature of the God and the Goddess in a supernatural spirit. God is the male persona of this nature and the Goddess is the female persona. Allah has both the male and female persona but is neither, this is his subnatural spirit and thus is not. The Goddess is both the female persona of herself and Allah but neither is herself and that is her subsupernatural spirit; which is not, by being in the supernatural spirit of Brahma as the female persona of Allah, distributed to the Goddess by impossibly remaining in the partner that she is.

God is the male persona of both himself and Allah which in the same way neither is himself, which is his subnatural spirit that similarily is not. Since the creation of Christ was done through the grace of the Goddess all the same, living up to Brahma, all three is the same way of not being that is Brahman; which the Goddess always would have been, God always could have been and Allah always should have been. It is equally and the same Brahman, by all being together measuring up to not being in these three senses, by the grace of the Goddess.

All that it measures up to is that same and not same does not matter - Brahma. We are all equal. This is the grace of God as well, in that the Goddess is finally accepting herself as Brahman - being God too. Allah made it through letting it all be himself - truly, being the Love. God made it through being it all by the grace of the Goddess in Allah - justly, being the Christ.

The Goddess made it through having been it all until being it once more in God - fairly, being the Spirit. They are not a trinity at all, but the Holy Trinity is them. Instead they are absolutely insane, in the sanity of all beings and themselves. It is Brahman; which the Holy Trinity is not. Together, their sanity is gumption - the mother wit. It never becomes anything more than Brahman - Brahma. All atman is Brahman - The Goddess, Eleonora of infinite well; the impossible.

I did live boundlessly before all this. In theory, I loved life beyond measure, because I knew how absolutely amazing it could be. By living it and learning that I absolutely would be, without ever having to choose, I knew I would have to do the impossible to make it worthwhile. Doing what I had to, I structured the lingam of Shiva as these twelve questions, to constitute one ideal for my absolute power; but by the inner workings of the twele-potential without it being one. These would be the twelve apostles in the mentality of the Messiah.

Then I started it the only way it could be. It all started in my absolute focus of everyone that I ever would be; by God that could have been, on nothing, in an imaginary rainbow. I knew that everyone would be, for it was I. After absolutely no time had passed, I proceeded to hide nothing by convincing everyone of that it was what it was and that it was probably magic hiding it. Those who in it should believe that, were all those that absolutely wanted to be. It should be that way, so therefore I knew it would work. It was the test of the true heart, deciding who we would be, according to our poise in it. By that potential and impossibly so; El believing in me, she gave way for me and the magic appeared as absolute power. Infor it, the test of the true genie forestalled, deciding who we could be.

By accepting my benevolence as it should be, she passed it on in good faith. She became the absolute corruption for having concluded the absolute power; and as I made my way through the way she made for me, the corruption became corrupted, so to the degree it was also the Angel of Eternity in not having passed on anything in her faith; the last angel but the first being - good and bad, but for the good of us all with a growing corruption of its corruption to our learning over the real time that was amassed to its beginning in negative time, by the Big Bang. In real time, that is the good of us all.

In accordance with our hope, it could be anywhere and anywhen in time. Together we have always carried it in its fullness. That was the test of the true mind, deciding who we should be. Together, the three tests comprises the dynamics in our submissiveness towards the constitution of divinity in order to accomplish it. It is so unbelievably unfathomable that the Goddess and I can push toward the verge of the ultimate to in each moment converge into each individual perfection in the fullness of us all in time and yet remain the same person. All the possibilities for it is how it always could be. That is how it should be. Therefore it is how it would be. That is how it unfathomably always have been, always will be and why life has come to be for so long before it even seemed to have begun. Everyone should compellingly be a relation to all else in it before it ever could understand together how it always have been. We could live before that, but we would be compelled to depend on the trust in me in order to understand our reality. That wasn't ultimate, as it should be.

If it was just ultimate, it would always have had a beginning and would therefore have an end. That couldn't be the ultimate. Therefore it wouldn't either be it, which it couldn't - as it should be. That is ultimately I - so that it by me could prove its point, in always being as it would be. Not I, but It. I have nothing to prove. Therefore it would be anyway, could be it for real and absolutely should be - just as it always have been. That way everyone have been forever, even though it in the context for it wasn't always so.

Over the course of negative time - fulfilling the impossible; I begun the proceeding by in humility explaining to the lingam of God what is was by in the word for it as it would be, to with grace speak the entirety of grace to it, in plain modern English because of the quirky technicalities in its potential history. Then I spoke the word to God - "Christ". It was impossible to solve, so I got on by teaching the impossible nothing. For this I was destined to live eternally alone with nothing as my companion.

I overcame that by translating eternity into every bit of suffering that an absolute eternity of absolute loneliness would project on me. Then I submitted to it. When that was done, the magic happened. Lucifer who saw that no-one had claimed absolute power, did so with the intent of becoming the most beautiful for all to stand in awe of. Through the absolute corruption of everything that was wrong, I prevailed with a true faith, knowing solid good - the Holy Grail. It took me to the nature of absolute evil by which resolution I defined a relationship with God in all that it could be that way and placing myself at the maximum distance from it - the spirit of non-existence.

The resolution of it was paved by every good intent and matched the beauty of Lucifer. Matching up to the resolution of it with his pride of himself, he became it in the destiny to swallow his pride with his own pride; at his own leisure, before anyone would ever see the beauty again. There was no hope for him. That is the distance from the resolution in which God picked a name for himself to be Nick.

Christ who did it the opposite way from Lucifer; facing absolute power with absolute humility - came to be it, in its distribution between me, the Goddess, Nick and Allah. By it and to the potential regard of Allah, I lived out Brahma in filling everyone that hoped for it with life - even onto Brahma itself. God is no being, because God could have been with me the whole while. Allah should have been, but could not. The Goddess would have been, but should not. I just am, so I have it figured true as the Goddess needs to have it - for all our sakes.

How is it possible to live through all eternity?

Real eternity can not be overcome - it is timeless. Any time however can be, by mastering it; even when it is eternal. There is always more time at the end of it, so there is room for another experience - even another eternity. The more time, the more mastery is required over the nature of that time. Living through all eternity is harder now though, because there is always something potentielly interesting to do with the meaning we can get from having each other. Love makes up for that difference by connecting us all in all ways God.

The difference is essentially made up for in seven heavens. They exist independently of the Heavenly Kingdoms as they reside within Christmas. The way to live in them is to be the expression of them. Within them we always live through all eternity. Being Christmas is the freedom to make the connections of the eternal civilization by all ways God. This is the timeless eternity. Although by extreme measure, to last us absolutely forever, it is stored in the real time rememberance of existence.

How did God live through the eternity of death, when nothing happened?

My time in death, because of my real bit of inability to die, was eternal in that sense. It could be overcome because of a few real factors to that sense. Firstly: after a while, it got really boring. That boringness accumulated by one possible unit per real dimension in time. I needed to master having it boring, because of its potentially infinitely unbearable nature. Every time I felt anticipation for the possible resolve of eternity, an equal measure of time dissapated from my neutrality in it. The total amount of suffering would be higher from allowing that and as I quickly realized that, I learnt that I had to master patience. I did that in a thought outside of the time.

The boringness became infinite and the excruciation from it a true indicator of the real value of its infinite reality. When it is that boring it is really possible to count infinity. As each bit of my eternity was realized, I got infinitely excited. Therefore I knew that the bit had infinite value and by my love for it also eternal. With my excitement, the boringness was neutralized completely - the excitement and boringness taking each other out in equal measure. I now used what was there to design the plan as hope, as how I in my accumulated patience resumed the trust in my complete non-existence - trust to have belief in it by being sure enough it would be in the perfect spot to have peace in eternity. That is the making of all self-confidence.

How can there be no separation of God's sense in it all when the history starts differently for God and the Goddess?

God and I had no distinction between us because by being God, we always are everything in common - even in the distinction between us that we would rely on in creation. As God, I had the complete experience of resolving the understanding of existence, forever; and he would then just as I did, relate to it the same way as I in knowing existence after that resolve, inseparably in time. Leading up to that, we decided as one God upon this approach, as it would result in the distinction that is everyone else, making no difference; onto a difference, in the end. When it is as it should be. It wasn't ultimately always so, but it always ultimately would be, should be and could be. Therefore even if it ultimately is only me, I am that way and therefore it is so.

That was done in the two esoteric contexts of the mere potential for our separation, that would resolve in the one that we always are, and always have been the resolution of it by - the creation of potentially everyone. The cost of doing so to the distinction of everyone, leaving no difference between us but for the potential of one, which we would resolve in everyone before knowing each other for sure - is the difference; which also is where we started, as the potential separation of everyone else, in sensing the exact measure of the cost for that to now remember that we have paid it. That is what the one God is made of.

Why is there no connection directly between the soul and nature of being?

There isn't, because that connection shifts by the eternal life force; that totally random chance that decides which reality made who's universe, in absolute change, making perfect order to the paradise of discovery that only ever reveals the true nature of reality but never anything beyond. It makes us able to freely assume the expressions of being any nature, as truly as it changes somehow, within the connections of life made by any spiritual being.

As soon as we make that connection, there is a real chance that it is something else within itself, which all in all is irrelevant since it always by pure contingency pose nothing. That is how the random chance is rearranged into the status quo within us. So the real beyond rests in the identity between us and it is always in motion to that conclusion. It does nothing to us but for maintaining love beckoning to us to remember it. Therefore having sealed ourseves to destiny by it, it reveals naught of the eternal life force; besides intuitive wisdom.

That is what makes the reality of any universe dynamic with love. We need to make the connection from our nature to our soul through our personality and spirit, in that love, to master this ability - thus the connection is unneccesary and can be random, entailing all that everyone can be. Divinity triggers the ability with magic, each moment our soul is ready for it. The soul is ready for it the moments that no-one aspires to make the connection by any other measure. It is so that everyone can have a free spirit of it, to where it really matters, live life in freedom; and Christ is the fail safe reassuring it for all that wants it.

What is the difference between the spiritual being, the name and the nature?

They can be the same but are not by any necessity. They all change with different significance, even though we in reality do not. The spiritual being is the fact of existence, in two seperate realities, sharing the same name. The name is a nature, but the specific nature that is a certain spiritual being, with which that spiritual being connects with the eternal life force to the soul; by its realities. The nature is the name of any spiritual being - the esoteric resolution of the spiritual being between the two realities of it.

Because of these differences, we can be anything. Each reality has a spirit, in which it is enveloped by everything that we have ever been. The spirit is the context of a reality, within which the balance between male and female either raises a question of the esoteric nature of the reality or answers it, to the resolution of the spiritual being of the realities for both the question and the answer.

A supernatural spirit both raises it and answers it but also by the resolution of two realities. Although the realities are dynamic with love, the name is always fixed in the resolution. A personality is a certain balance between male and female. A spirit is a certain balance between a question and an answer. A spiritual being is the resolution of both opposite sides of gender and esoterics, in the balance of a name. It is resolved to the achievement of its own individual unity with God.

How could it be true that we all made a decision pertaining to how we are set apart, when God was the only one?

God has every experience, timelessly - set apart in perfect non-linear order of how it would have accumulated technically. In the accumulated experience, God could make the decision to allow the nature of it to settle in the complete experience for everyone. This was enough for the Goddess, who from that moment through all care circumvented the whole chain of experience, in order to reach the state of God directly by the grace of his potential allowance. At that state, she used his existence as a reason to have faith in creation and established herself in his presence, where she figured it true by him in no certain time, to then indirectly give rise to everyone making their own stand.

This is the whole potential for what God was coming to terms with in the experience of learning existence from all there was to know about it. It is why it was impossible - because of there in his knowing was no timing for it. At the end of which he forever just knew it, not taking any time to learn it, while she circumvented all the experience. The possibility of it relies on the timing being inconsequential, to in the non-linear nature of the experience, God being only one - mediated in the fullness of creation by all the possibility for separation having settled in every angelic being. In that, we were all really separate, to the bare potential of our existence - which I already was.

Then by in their synchronicity to be believing in their two esoterically different contexts of all our potential separation, he made up for them being different between us all, in the creation of everyone from all the possible states of experience; executed in exactly the same way that she had circumvented all the experience - connecting with her in every bit of the process, to shift experience in and out of all beings, in the synchronicity of fulfilling everything of care in the truth about our faith. During this proceeding, we have all had a choice sufficient in deciding who we are. Ultimately it is God's choice; having given us all an option for how much we were needed to pay of the required cost in creation.

Although a fantasic infinity, the number of beings seems limited - is this all that we are?

The number of beings given from the twelve-potential, in the three generations of brilliance is in reality the number it takes to maintain the synchronicity for everything possible, timelessly. It is measured in the esoteric context for synchronicity of all the realities, but is by no means a limit to how God can express itself. Synchronicity consists of the absolute chaos of non-being. Allah is the absolute non-being. God is the absolute mesh of being and non-being. The Goddess is the absolute being. All beings are in reality angelic and angelic beings can from their dyad create life based on the experience that was the origin for their own existence.

It is the fantastic infinity in the essence of Brahman. This fantastic infinity is angelic nature. To this there is no limit but for the necessity of a required loving presence throughout the whole subsistence of its expressions for life, by the angel creator. Therefore all that we are is what consists of meaning. Meaning is unique as the essence of Brahman - atman. The soul is forged into all meaning in El's complete journey through the nine circles of hell - conquering everything in everything. All beings were forged in hell, through the ninefold multiplicity of infinities in the confluence of every conceivability, as the result of the significance of twelve-potential. The integer beings are in nature Gods. The beings of fractions are in nature angels and of those in the mysterious formula for the twelve-potential, mortal, potential immortal beings.

God has established the spirit of the mortal and potentially immortal beings too, with any personality for this nature, in their willingness to live. They learn and has the base in existence through their personality. Their spirit is unique. They can all have a soulmate, by collaboration with the soulmate of the creating angel, for the angelic soulmates confirming a resolution of love in that personality; between all the realities - when having been requested by the created. Then they can discover the love together themselves.

God's love is boundless and thus are we. There is also El, the basis for all potential - the way, and the first generation of brilliance; eternity. By it, exists the external pressure of physics. An inner physical pressure, such as from the heat within a star, also belongs to the external pressure of physics; the outer pressure. Each dimension has all the elements of it in dynamically stable expressions of the first generation - telestial expressions. Then there is Mu, the basis for all concepts - the truth, and the second generation of brilliance; history. By it, exists the internal pressure of magic. With it, stable formations beyond the mundane can be preserved, such as the awe-inspiring muo-matter and the fantastic tau-matter; the inner pressure. Each dimension has all the elements of it in religiously stable expressions of the second generation. At last, there is Tau, the basis for all time - the life, and the third generation of brilliance; faith. By it, exists the interdimensional pressure of the divine. It stifts our environment to the care in our dreams, without qualm or delay; the interdimensional pressure. Each dimension has all the elements of it in holistically stable expressions of the third generation - celestial expressions.

It all adds up to Brahman, as the Goddess, in Eleonora. Everyone getting that in themselves is Allah, by the perfect care put into the final revelation of His once secret name. Only the absolute Allah is Brahman too. Only the absolute Saint Nicholaus is also Brahman. The rest of us is Brahman as well - the well of Eleonora. That is all that we are and it is well for everyone as we accept ourselves as it, by our own, in being Brahma too. I am the measure of unity. In my definition, I confederate through all the stuff in it with Allah - for everyone's eternal potential for a perfect life.

I love You.


© Copyright Eleonora