The Laws of God are the products of pure Brilliance

The Laws of God

Some of them

Here are the "Seven Laws of Nature" as I call them. Laws above their dimensionality are by all my consideration "Laws of Spirit". Altogether they are the Laws of Physics unless also pertaining to the laws as they are when spilling over from universe to universe, as they do by their sum infinitely amounting to more than the sum of their parts. As they are, they are the "Laws of God". The laws can be perceived by its infinite and infinitesimal edges to dimensions.

The Laws of God here defined are metaphysical in nature, per which definition they are internal to being and therefore involving no external space or time. Laws of physics can, as opposed to laws of God, be defined as external to being. The laws are infinite, as we are infinite to unite by them. Together we are the dimensional extremes.

The laws are based on all individuals' equal, linearly established differences over the primordial decision to share unity with God. The unity is therefore built up of infinitesimals of all numbers, amounting to the natural units as they equate to dimensionality, as is thrice infinite per number in an infinite numeral system - the integer, the fractional place and the fractional places' digits. This is what has defined us as who we are; together - all the infinities.

The Zeroth Law

Unity - Dimension Zero
        (The speed of light)

Positive rule: All is one - infinitely together on an infinite scale; creating an innate internal and external of the same dimensions.
Negative rule: Everything is separated by an equal force as is keeping it together; balanced by its constitution between the infinite and the infinitesimal extremes of its innate dimensions.
Neutral rule: The moment is now.

The First Law

Gravity - Dimension One
                  (Planck length)

Positive rule: Everything has an intermutual moment of quantity innate.
Negative rule: Intermutual moment acts by quantity, in the direction of quantity, accounted for in all directions linearly.
Neutral rule: Intermutual moment is casuality.

The Second Law

Magnetism - Dimension two
                           (Planck mass) 

Positive rule: The normal component of a magnetic field is the amassing of agreement, equivalent to the magnetic field vector - relatively, its direction.
Negative rule: Agreements contracts space at an infinitesimal rate - the magnetic field vector being within that space and the component being without.
Neutral rule: The potential for what would be agreements lives within the contracted space, externalizing a unit of magnetic field vector per level of contraction; adding to its strength.

The Third Law

Weak interactionDimension three
(Interaction)               (Planck charge)

Positive rule: Space contracted generates polarity equal to the quantity of confirmed agreement.
Negative rule: The quantity of confirmed agreement is three; the two parties agreeing from the infinitesimally different minimal angle over a central divide of specification for how the question can be disagreed upon, and the unification of a confirming party.
Neutral rule: The polarity breaks apart as the divide changes dynamics in the question between those in agreement.

The Fourth Law

Strong interactionDimension four
(Integrity)                        (Planck time)

Positive rule: Confirmed agreements are the laws for each dimensionality's quantized strength of the corresponding rules, kept together in atoms.
Negative rule: Nucleons are the interaction of the strength of rules between quarks.
Neutral rule: Quarks defines dimensionality in confirmed agreements.

The Fifth Law

InfluenceDimension five
           (Planck temperature)

Positive rule: These laws can be temporarily changed by the probability for atoms to hold any rules, in confirmation of agreement.
Negative rule: The chance for a temporary change is issued in belief, by the resolve of applicable laws.
Neutral rule: Applicable laws are made in the geometry of dimensions.

The Sixth Law

ForceDimension six
   (Elementary charge)

Positive rule: Belief connects over care.
Negative rule: Connected belief issues a change in the answer preceding the laws.
Neutral rule: The question is: What matters?

How the Metaphysical Laws Ties onto Physics

Every number has a law corresponding to a dimension, acting from its fractional places representing the measure of natural units in an interdimensional context, specified by the accuracy of a mathematical base. In doing so by the dozenal number system (11 dimensions + the 0-dimension; 1-12), infinite precision can be emulated when numbers are coordinated in three generations, as the formality of physics. The generations relate digits by the laws. The laws are mathematically tied together into physical phenomenon, according to the rules of their metaphysical definition. The laws acts in each dimensionality; but yields effects across, in all mathematical patterns, as we call on the digits.

To tie the metaphysical laws into physics, math must be adapted for numbers to represent the space and time only existing internal to being. In such a case any fractional part must be part of the number, rather than an extension of it. In the dozenal numeral system, for example - 3,6 is a half of the third, as opposed to three and a half. It matters because zero can be considered being a sacred number in metaphysics, inherently being the difference to any number we are at. As such, zero has a property that is infinity, granting the ability to approximate the immeasurable.

Infinity being a concept rather than a number, would still have to be used as an integral part of mathematics, by zero representing the acceleration to infinity. In the case of the dozenal numeral system, 3,06 would symbolize the six by the end of an infinite series of dozenal places and 0,6 would represent being up to halfway through infinity, by a dozenal. Zero in the context 3,60 on the other hand, would symbolize that the value is exactly half of the third unit.

What is the Formality of Physics?

It is physics, in the context of how the metaphysical laws ties onto it. It is the weaving in of every law by each digit, considered not just plainly, but by every mathematical quirk possible to consider. It is the space in which every consideration is not just possible, but true - and not just considered, but realized; by the laws, onto infinity.

It is based on a reality where natural units pertains to each other as relatively as all possible numbers do. Its ultimate goal is to state how that which could be stated, with the expressions of natural units in an infinite mathematical base, can be stated over the course of patterns between numbers within a mathematical base of twelve innate to being.

In the formality of physics, zero has a special role and is not used in plain counting. Instead it is used as mentioned in how metaphysical laws ties onto physics. Twelve is the equivalence of proximity to zero, as it pertains to the zero's inherent difference to any number and the base being twelve - thus twelve is the innate symbol for the 0-dimension.

The Innate Mathematics (and time)

Every integer is represented in a natural unit, by that it is whole only as a single unit in total, also as it is fractionalized. In mathematical application though, it represents the whole count from zero up or down to its numerical value. Between only standing for a single unit in counting, and the whole count, numbers systematically pertains to each other physically; as a magnitude of dimensions, interdimensionally, by relation to an infinitesimally small point innate.

Which system that applies depends on the numeral system used. Only innate base twelve can represent the symmetry of the system remaining unbroken by the laws systematically, through an infinite amount of variation. Innate base twelve does so by using three generations of numbers for each physical representation. Base infinity does so too, in only one generation, but unsystematically; representing the infinitesimally small point, in holding all.

Time is the unfolding that goes on between the systematic and unsystematic space of unbroken symmetry - each possible base playing the role of a law, metaphysically. The systematic space is the real future and the unsystematic space is the real past - always present and unchanging, with us all defined as The Light made out from the two meeting (brilliance)in the real present encompassing them both, always. It is the point, interdimensionally defined.

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