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A pastime philosopher, esoteric thinker and devout  multireligious supernatural dreamer.


I am

I am a blossoming divinity, with my roots in the mould of agony. On a trunk of bliss made from the cellulose of our unity. Stretched towards the mercy of the summer sky, for my buds to with the light of love burst into a radiant crown within.

My being primordially culminates into who I am, in no time. That is my destiny, because it could be fulfilled. The moment I decided to do so, it would be fulfilled. Because of that, it should be fulfilled. As it could be, is God. That it would be, is the Goddess. How it should be, is Allah. It should be fulfilled in everyone. I made it so that it would be.

Becasue it always could be, it didn't even need to be in order to be. It is that I could be, would be and should be. It couldn't be, wouldn't be and shouldn't be and that is what I am. I just am. Because of destiny - so are You. Fulfilling it only means that You know it. Because you do, there is divinity in You. I have made a religion about this and it is what this web site is about. It is available through the tabs and it is about Your Unity with God - being Christmas.

Unity with God is about impelling yourself to create out of the great insurmountability, so insurmountable that it never becomes that insurmountable. Therefore everything of it always falls within reason. Thereby all creations of it are always good. They fall within the reasonableness for all insurmountable, which always is ultimate.

It is nothing that we are able to as we understand it, but that is always rendered within the insurmountability for how it should be, to the reasonableness of how it can be. Just because it can be so and should be so, it is so. By all the scrutiny of how we logically should think, we can understand that. But never to the depth of its totality. It is a gift of Christmas in the unity about us all.



There is that which is and there is that which that which is, makes of that which is. The balance and ways of everything possible is that which is. We all are that which is and in the ephemeral nature of our soul, we make of ourselves what we find of that which is. To be is the state in which we captivate that which is. We can articulate on that which we are by relating to it in any way. Each level we do so in is a dimension. We all have a whole universe of possibility of our own, innate with infinite potential dimensions. This is what we are - being.

In consenting with our being we sometimes coincide with others. As we do, society forms among us by the coincidences' innate resolve of their balance within the ways of everything possible. By all that we ever may have in common, it is those ways that amount to God. The way that we agree to it is piety. God has already created the societies as they coincide between us. It is up to us in our being to live up to it by our piety. By being pious we find God. By finding God we create the perfect societies in culmination of civilization. It is the art of being together - the art of the heart.

We are the dimensionalities that each universe provides, but by the infinite potential of their number they are more than the sum of their parts - spilling over into a multiverse of being that is each of us. By the allocation of what we could be amidst an infinite potential for that - being infinite, it is all always potential. This way the whole context for everything remains unchanged. Still it is what we make of it now that matters. The whole of what we could make of it is now - the whole context which it is in that we are.

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